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I might just have to print this and post it on my wall...because on occasion, I consider selling a kidney for the newest camera, LOL! : )


Hi long as you have either Nikon or Canon then you are going to have fantastic equipment. A local Brisbane photographer runs a course on how to take better photos - just 2 hrs of composition etc. He does not talk ISO, shutter speed, lenses or anything else. He also has this gallery on his website that shows the photos he took using a $100 camera...They are truly mind blowing. Check them out... my favourite is the milkshake one, and carmen at the beach with just her face. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I remember you telling us about a photographer who's work you really admired, that used a Canon Rebel and kit lenses!! (You never did tell us her name, though! lol)

I would love new camera gear, but I can think of a lot more things to spend $3000 vacation every Summer!

I'll just keep using my old stuff till it dies. :)

Misty Prochaska

Oh Karen. I was a student in your class last year who basically wasted most of the class FREAKING out about upgrading, not being able to decide what to do, and finally getting a 5D Mark II. So I have had my camera for a year, and I will say the focus is pretty challenging. It is horrible in some situations. I am pretty angry with it a lot of the time. But because the 5D Mark III EXISTS, I am happy I didn't switch to NIkon and that I remain invested in Canon lenses. I just don't like Nikon color. I can't afford the 5DMIII right now, and I am also trying to be content with what I have for reasons both practical and spiritual. Someday though, someday as SOON as it is possible, that camera will be mine! And for once I can make a decision without agonizing over it.

I would just point out too that camera gear resale values are pretty good, and there are lots of people who are looking for the D700 because they don't want the D800... And couldn't you make an argument for diversity in your equipment so you can help both your Canon and your Nikon students? ;) I will be praying for both of us, and our husbands too.


Well said! I'm in the category of having a good prime lens and an outdated, older Nikon! But I'm using it until it breaks! Same with my sewing machine and my kindle. It will be more satisfying to buy new when I need it instead of when I want it!


Just have to say...IF you ever switch look pretty darn foxy sporting the Canon. Such good advice...and I would love to upgrade, but the price point for me is just too darn crazy. Thanks for your advice, and again, your talent and commitment to photography and goodness is extra special.


Ah Karen, how did you know I was having this debate with myself today as my Rebel sits in a camera shop?? I'm trying to appreciate what I have and learn to rock what I have but that Mark III just calls me.....


and in totally unrelated news...I think we own the same watch. fossil? :)

Sue W

well now I have a canon 450D and a 50mm 1.4 lens you recommended and am experimenting....and enjoying it so far. ISO only goes to 1600. I simply can't afford to upgrade so I will have to be grateful for what I have lol. Oh Karen how I wish you hadn't broken your leg and were able to do the Ireland trip!!!! Hope it is all healed now xxx


& did Aurora take that shot of You? :-))


I'm DYING (ok, maybe not dying...) for the mark III ...ugh. I'm using a 7D, which is a crop sensor, so I am actually hoping to be able to leap to the Mark III and full frame some day soon...I love reading REAL PEOPLE talk/reviews that encourage that :)

Camille King

Hi Karen! Great! Because of this post I want to upgrade to a markIII. I am using a canon 550D and been thinking of switching to a markII. Thanks to your workshops and Clickin Moms I have become a better photographer and was thinking of switching to a full frame markii even before I read this. Its the markiii then. I dont want to switch to Nikon because I have a lot of canon lenses (50mm 1.8, 18-200mm and my ultimate favorite the 24-70mm 2.8). In addition, I am so used to canon buttons.


OMG OMG OMG....I did NOT know that Canon had a new 5D Mark III with 61 autofocus points, up to 41 being cross-sensors. THAT IS INSANE!!! I've been sticking my head in the sand..... But now that you let it slip....I know what I want now!!!


(I'm sure that my husband will NOT be as happy as I am.) LOL



I am so joining you there.... want that 5d3 desperately, but know that my 7d is really good enough and I don't need it......and lets not even talk about the 24-70 2.8.....


I am a Nikon user and haven't invested any significant money in lens yet (only have the nikkor 50mm 1.8), but wanted to get a new lens soon and also eventually upgrade to a new (full frame) camera body. But I am reluctant to buy a new Nikon lens because I am afraid I will want to jump ship and get the Mark III camera body when it comes time to upgrade. (even considering it makes me feel like I'm cheating on Nikon, haha). I also really like the D800, but the megapixels make me feel like I'll need to upgrade my computer if I get it! But truth be told both cameras have pros and cons to me, I love them both for different reasons, and neither is the perfect fit (as I'm sure will never happen as they just continue to leap frog over one another). decisions, decisions...I think this is just telling me I need to wait a little longer to upgrade.


I was so happy when you finally grabbed it to take some shots. It sure does feel good in the hands :)

jen r.

So... if you were to start fresh... no investment -- what would you buy???


"(Actually, its just the fear of my frugal husband leaving me that is holding me back.)"
Bahahaha!!!! That's just too funny and cute too. I have a Rebel XTi and AM feeling limited by it, the low ISO you mentioned. Maybe in a few years I can upgrade and my daughter will be old enough and interested enough to take my Rebel.


Sooooo....because I'm sure every post you do is for me, I am emailing this one to my husband. I am still sporting a used 50d. It's filthy, and I am noticing those spots on my photos. It's costly to send it in in for cleaning and if I send it in, how much longer will it be before something goes? It's old. It's been well loved. I am pretty sure I NEED a MarkIII. I know I will rock it, I know I will love it. I know I will never ever ever need another camera, with in reason (like in 4 more years, I will need one).
But...what about that 6d coming out? Less focus points, but wi-fi,which means maybe I can be in more photos with the iPhone remote options, costs less by about $1000, doesn't have 2 card slots, which most cameras don't have either. But then will I always wonder about the MarkIII?
Can you see my problem?
I want a new one before next summer. Well, actually before Christmas, it's either that or paint my walls white to have brighter Christmas morning shots!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Well, I want one bad too. But since I'm still rocking Lola (my 7D) I'm just keeping things where they are right now. I needed this post to reinforce what I know is the right decision.


Sigh. I REALLY didn't want to read this post. I'm a Nikon girl. I've been shooting with a D300 (cropped) camera for years and love it - but I'm seriously tired of the limited ISO. So now I'm in the market for a NEW full frame. But I've either got to go with D800 and the crazy 36 MP, or the D4 with the crazy price which I refuse to pay. I just wish Nikon would have upgraded the D700 (which I love but never bought because, like you, I just knew the moment I did they'd come out with an upgrade to it) with higher (reasonable) mp's. But nooooo. So I've been thinking SERIOUSLY about hanging Nikon up and moving to Canon because that 5DMIII is really turning me on (lol). I've always admired Canon - but stuck with Nikon because I'm so committed with lenses and such. But Nikon is just not leaving me much room for camera selection. I don't want the D600. So now I'm REALLY driving myself crazy about this. So THANK YOU for help that along haha.

Alissa H.

Well, now you can't say that a student turned in an image that made your jaw drop without showing us the image! Come on now. You know us well enough to know that you must now go ask permission from the former student and show us the image! Please?

PS - I have much camera envy too. I'm still shooting with a Canon 20D and a Canon 40D. And I'd love the new MarkIII. But I can't play on that playground yet.


Penny, did you ever switch to Canon and get the 5d mark iii?

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