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This is how I learned to edit my photos

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diane herman

loved this...still holding my breathe for 3 ;) xxx


Oh my gosh! I need to learn how to use my camera! Not that my photos will ever be as loverly as the ones you post, but they would probably be WHOLE lot betta! The one above of you and yours looking at the Christmas tree is incredible! LOVE! Thanks for the inspiration. Hopefully I'll remember to be in touch soon. :)


OMG! I recieved Making the Shot 2 for Christmas last year. I have to say that was one of the best presents I have gotten. We exchanged gifts on the afternoon of X-mas eve and I was printing it out the minute I got home and down loaded the audio so I could listen while cooking Christmas dinner. LOVE IT! I'm excited about a #3 release too!

Gretchen C

I have purchased this and LOVE it!! It has been so helpful in taking great shots in "not ideal lighting" I appreciate all of Karen's hard work in her classes and PDF downloads!! She ROCKS!!!

Camille King

I got making the shot2 and I love it. Karen explains things so well. Check out my lowlight shot here
Really worth the money. If you havent joined the photographers workshop, I highly recommend it!

Tammy Eberhard

Thank you for the reminder! I've been meaning to add this to my library and just haven't gotten around to it! Love your stuff!

Conni Marleau

I got this the second it was released and IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!
Which reminds me I should dust it off and re-read it!!!
I still smile everytime I remember a hint Karen has taught me -- I smile a lot!!!


Totally worth getting if you haven't purchased it yet, yes and I should get it out for another read as well. Katy A, Brisbane, Australia

Sara Mangan

I got this and it is awesome. I was just looking at some pictures from 2009 that I took in low light. The coloring is so bad and it makes me so sad. Now I know how to set a custom white balance and all kinds of other tricks Karen taught me. My pictures are 100% better. This is well worth the money!

Rachel C.

This MTS was a game changer for my shooting. Revolutionary. Just get it.


This is honestly one of the most detailed, thorough, and USEFUL photography pdfs I have every purchased. I can't recommend it enough!!

Julie E

You'll read it again and again and learn something new each time!


The way Karen teaches is simple and she doesn't overcomplicate things. Making the Shot 2 was the best piece I have read on low light situations. I just got back from Europe and shot in Manual mode the whole time thanks to Karen. Very highly recommended.

Teresa Hayes

I'm a current auditing student. The money I've spent on the class and MTS2 have been a great investment in my camera and myself. I "get it" now and am enjoying photography more than I ever thought I would. Karen explains things in a way that's fun and engaging and straightforward. If you want to make huge leaps forward with your photography skills, this is the only way to go!


This issue of Making the Shot really made things click for me. If you haven't done so hurry and purchase this issue, it will change the way you think about low light shooting. I could never say enough to convey the way I feel about this issue!


The specific, practical, information in Karen's "mts 2" opened up night-time shots to my photography. I no longer fear not getting the shot, have realistic realisable expectations & am able to vastly improve the possibilty of good shots, instead of being disappointed by "bad" shots. It adds exponentially to one's photography education!


Quick it possible to purchase this PDF without being a student?


Chiming in to say that I low Making the Shot 2. The sample snapshots posted today should be enough to convince everyone to purchase this great issue of MTS. It has helpful tips for dealing with low light situations and all the amazing photos that Karen's fans have come to love! So glad I got this as the days grow shorter and the holidays grow closer!


I love your Making the Shot series! So much that I was going to buy this one when you sent the email out. Thank goodness I came here and saw the pictures, they jogged my memory, and turns out I already own it! I think it's time to review it again!


MTS2 totally changed how I see the 'light,' especially when there is little to be found. And it taught me how to cature so many moments I had missed before. I just looked back through the forum I participated in and there is so much good info there! I would highly recommend purchasing forum access as well.


Karen, you REALLY need to sell a book. Just as you convinced Erin Cobb to maker her editing video, you need to make a book available, even if we haven't had the privelege of taking your class. Pleeeeeeeeeezzzz!


Hi Karen,
I've been reading for years! Love your photos! Do you mind saying what shutter speed you use for your low lighting. I struggle so much with low light. And usually have to use such a slow speed that I get blur! Anyway, is Making the Shot 2 available if you aren't or have never been a student? I would love to be a student but just can't afford it at this time! Maybe some day.


young nanny

Karen makes it easy to understand photography! Her PDFs should be what is sold with the DSLR's, not the manual (in my opinion) =) There were so many lightbulb moments reading through her documents - if you haven't already purchased it - I highly recommend that you do.

One point I'd like to make is that Karen demystifies taking shots in low light, and helps you understand what your camera can and can't do. Now, I love being able to take photos in low light without using the flash! That, for me, is huge!

Can't wait for Making The Shot 3 :D

lynda berg

I took your class when you came to Montana. PLEASE can I purchase Making the Shot 2.

camera for sports

I like your strategies in low light shooting. I just love the idea of taking photos in low light without using flash it's simply awesome!

cindy b

Surely there is a way for this to be available to everyone and not just students? PLEASE for the love of god...THIS topic is probably what 99% of us want to learn. I HATE using my flash and shooting in low light is probably the biggest (if not the only) concern for most of us. :)

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