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I have got just one word for you LIGHT...well actually GREAT LIGHT....... what wonderful light to take those photos with and lots of white foam.....beautiful. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


I don't remember these images so I think this is the first time you posted them. AMazing photos - love the white balance and the candid, happy expressions!!!


Great photos!! I miss my kids being at the age where they did this too. They grow up so fast, as you know! Cherish these fleeting moments while they last. Excellent photojournalism here.


Oh the light is wonderful!! Great shots!

Robin Welch

Love them! Also, please send JOSH DOWNS a thanks for your service message from this girl in North Dakota!

Nancy Wyatt

Great photos!! And thank Josh Downs for me too!! Hugs from Conroe, TX


Great tub!
Annie looks so much like you!

Nancy B.

Yes Kelli, Karen has a mini-me! I love the relationship these two have. Absolutely love these photos, especially the 7th and 8th ones where the foreground is like white mist. You is good.

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