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Love all your posts..
Have a great week!!


LOL! Amen to the Cowboys! That cracked me up!
My little family has been walking every night. And as much as I hate exercise, I'm totally enjoying the walks together and the conversation is priceless!
Have a great Monday! Now Gabe and I are off to ride bikes around Glide!


I always do love your random posts. You rock!


I'd love to hear your spiels about why your kids don't have everything their friends do... my son has just turned 4 and I'd like to get started on some spiels of my own about that stuff before the pressure to have the stuff others do gets worse!


Ditto, Liana!!!!

Karen, I just like you so much.

ashley m

The random and seemingly unimportant moments are some of the most precious moments for our kiddos. I love reading your random posts so much! I too would love to hear your spiels on not having cable, etc.

Judy Webb

You need a therapist!!! Real cowboys would never think about working for Mr. Obama!!! Come to TEXAS, you need a reality refill. LOL

Nycole Clark

Can't wait to see your photos from Greece!!! That was the most fantastic vacation I'm sure I'll ever take. And it was great meeting you!! I can't believe it's been almost two years already :( Love reading your blog. You have such a wonderful family :)


I can relate to the cleaning all day but the house is still a mess!!

Bonnie Garcia

Karen I totally understand about how your summer doesn't pan out like you imagined. We are almost done with ours (one week left before we throw ourselves headlong into football, band practice,and school) While I am sad that half of the plans I thought we could accomplish have not been done, there are still lots I am so grateful that we did get accomplished. Multiplication tables, and sight words being just a couple of them. Bonnie G


Good stuff. I can't believe you had gone 10 years without a hamburger! Wow!


2. I just did the math and realized I'm old enough to be Josh Downs' mother...eek!

5. I wish I hadn't caved on the video games 3 years ago...:(

7. I heard a rumor the other day that if BHO wins again, Texas will secede from the Union and become its own country. Maybe you heard that rumor too....thus the

14. I love your random posts!


i miss you tons.
i love you even more.
i think you are pretty a mom, wife, and friend :)


I love your randomness. :) You make me feel like I'm not alone in mine. :)


It's all good! Every word....and I just love how you have your "talks" with the kids....what a wonderful model you are for them!


Fabulous photos of fabulous folk- says it all!


Ditto to what everyone else has said. Love the random posts and you!

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#7 made me LOL. Maybe he should try that!!!

Kim in NC

I am crying from laughter over that dream. I would love to have been on that bus.


Random posts are some of the best!


I liked this comment:
I love your randomness. :) You make me feel like I'm not alone in mine. :)

I feel much the same! Thank you for sharing yourself so openly with us all! It's nice to know we're not alone with all our crazy!!

Good job on the bathroom drawers, pantry and girls' bedrooms!

Also, I think it's super important and great of you to share your teenage issue with the girls, I know I had a lot of misgivings which made me do some really hurtful things to myself... luckily I came out on the other end - okay - but there was always the big chance I wouldn't. Anything that you can impart on the girls will only help - so thank you for taking the time to do that!

young nanny

Hey Karen, I've learnt that visualising can lead to huge disappointment. I've learnt that life isn't like it is in the movies. I've learnt to take each day as it comes, to live in the moment and not wish the days away. They go so fast anyway, why wish them away even faster (that's something I have to constantly tell myself). I've learnt to not sweat the small stuff - something my husband hasn't learnt because we are in two different places - I'm a Christian and he's not (yet :D). Bless you Karen, thanks for sharing.

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#13. ALL. THE. WAY.

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I like the post. Have a happy week! :D

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Looks like the PERFECT 4th of July! great shots as usual!

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