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Love Courtney Lee's hair.. the side bangs look really lovely on her!


I've been reading your blog for years. I was taken aback as well as to how much older Courtney Lee looked w/ bangs. I wasn't sure what it was that made her look older until you commented about the hair.


Love Courtney's hair! Awesome!

gina harpur

Made me a little nostalgic--Anne is outgrowing her baby body.
What a full, family day!


Annie's swimsuit is to.die.for. I wish they made it in my size, no lie.


I had to laugh because I figure I would be done after just one of those activities. I am imagining that they were perfect little angels (I'm sure they weren't), and that's why you got all of those activities in. I also love Annie's swimsuit. Where did you get it?


I'm with SandraA! I'd be done!


Karen - you are a rock star mom! Thanks, as always, for sharing your life with all of us.


I agree with Valerie....darling suit!!! Adult sizes??? I wish!

Jen CT

I so much want to move back to the Rogue Valley!! Thank you so much for posting - it's awesome!


These are the best of the good ole days....these dog days of summer...and Josh's smile is as cute and wonderful as the kiddos. Adorable!


Okay Karen, I have been reading your blog for many many years. I have seen every picture you have ever posted. I have to say those are my favorite ever of Courtney Lee. She looks so beautiful! She looks like a teenager. She is getting older...sigh. That third one down is seriously so wonderful and sad at the same time. Pretty soon your will be shooting proms again with her and Coley:(


Sorry my math is off. I meant 5th one down. However the second one down is also quite amazing.


I could hearthe kids squealing in those water pictures. What a great day.


Ah,the fun days of summer! But seriously, did you go home and collapse!


Karen- again a wonderful blog and a fun filled day! I wish I had the energy that you have....what's sad is I don't have kids yet! Courney Lee looks so beautiful and grown up! I love getting a peak into your life and being able to see your beautiful pictures! One day I'm going to take one of your classes!!!


I love Courtney Lee's bangs! She looks fab!

Judy Webb

Poor Cole, I know he misses Ross for now he is the only guy amongst all those females. LOL Yes, we are having a Happy Summer.

Gina f.

That was an action packed day!! I too was taken aback at how old Courtney looked; she is a beautiful girl! Love Annie's swimsuit and my favorite shot is Cole in midair coming through the arc sprinkler thingy. Have a fun week!

Kim S.

Love Annie's little suit! And tell Josh to find a big stick. He's gonna need it to keep the boys away from Courtney Lee in a couple years! She's beautiful!

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Courtney Lee's hair looks great!! That is one beautiful girl and wow she is looking much older! Love the water park shots...Cole looks like a superhero jumping out of the circle water spray thingie. Heading to see my hubby today. We've had this planned that I would go out there for the weekend because my cousins and I are going to the CK convention in Lancaster...woot woot!! More scrapbooking stuff to add to my ever growing collection :) Have a great weekend!

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Suezi Gurzi

What a fun fun day!!! I agree with everyone and like Courtney Lee's hair! The pink stripes are very playful!! I love that I can come here and catch all the fun with younger kids! Mine are old and won't let me tag along on all their adventures! Well that really isn't true. If I say I will pay I can get anything out of them! hahahahaaaaa!


Love. Courtney Lee's. Hair. So sophisticated!

Alison (Hiller) Patalon

Tell Courtney Lee her hair looks awesome! :)

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Ooooh I love the boat shots...such great light! And my favorite is the one of Coley on the boat with his shades, and Courtney in the background. That one is special.

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Ooooh I love the boat shots...such great light! And my favorite is the one of Coley on the boat with his shades, and Courtney in the background. That one is special.

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