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You guys are AWESOME....just sayin'!!! :)


I love this!! I love that Josh put Harriet on his shirt!!


Love the Harriett on Josh's jersey!! My hubby & I used to play co-ed ball and loved it! Out team didn't always win either, but we had the best fun!!


I know this may sound completely cheesy, but I love the love you guys have for each other. You give me hope that there really is that guy out there.


I love the socks! Why didn't you have any?


Cute!! I hope he means big bats as in the ones you swing with....not the flying kind!! :)


Looks to me like the season score was win-win. And, a good time was had by all...what more could you ask for?


CUTE! I think you have tought Josh Downs quite well how to handle a camera. I love the view point of the shot he took of you! Someday, I will teach my husband how to properly use my camera. (Oh, and Josh's jersey was too a manly sort of way)


I think this is the first time i have noticed that you typed Josh instead of Josh Downs when you wrote about him in the post. I'm so used to reading Josh Downs that I had to stop and think...."who is Josh?" I'm a little slow today :) Always loving to see your wonderful relationship and happy memories!


I LOVE that josh!!! His email is awesome, and I laughed hard at his calves THROUGH the socks!! Man y'all are cute.

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That is awesome! Fun times :)

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