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Stunning! Loved the commentary and so glad 'God' delivered your bag Josh!
PS You look strangely like the 'donkey' shot I have laden with bags. LOL Kudos for that btw. No small feat along those alleyways
PPS Santorini is my all time favourite place in the world since we first discovered it way back in 1984. Each time we return we feel like we've come home.


That's hilarious! You should let Josh blog more often.
What beautiful photos! Hope you had a blast :)

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Sou wout nou yo sa nou te panse se te yon fre legliz fin vye granmoun ki te vin tounen yon krematoryom aktif (pa aktif m 'vle di fimen) nou te vin atravè sa a pòtay fin vye granmoun nan menm twou a. Karen te vle li e mwen te vle li pou li, men te panse a kontrebann yon pòtay asye san liv deyò nan peyi a te redoutable.


OMG you are coming to Ireland - I live in Ireland - any chance somebody from Ireland can join in or I could be your TOUR GUIDE!!!! I have been following both your blog and Ali's for a while now and I love your work.

Heather Topich

Hurrah Josh! I love travel commentary. Awesome shots, as always, Karen!


You two are ridiculously cute! Love these pics, the commentary and Greece!


Josh Downs, you are the best! I smiled through this whole post! And Karen your photos are stunning as always and now I want to go to Greece, some place I never wanted to go before!


You two make me laugh.........and make me happy. Thank You for sharing your beautiful trip and AMAZING photos!


Awesome commentary + beautiful pictures + those smiles you have for each other = the reason I keep coming back to your blog day after day!!!

Karen Aldrin

Brilliant post. LOVED the photos. Driving on the roads is notorious in Greece. Many years ago , my sisters boyfriend ended up leaving his arm and shoulder on a Greek island ! He lost them after being hit by a Greek driver on the wrong side of the road, coming around one of those bends. Even worse was at the time he worked as a hod carrier or brickie. Which meant he used to carry building bricks in large loads on his shoulder! Changed his life completely, in that one split second.


Pure magic! What beautiful memories recorded and shared brilliantly!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Such a great post - loved the photos and commentary! I haven't been back to Greece in a long time, but am planning a trip with the family for next year. I cannot wait and really hope it all works out. LOVED this post!!!

stephanie ackerman

Great Post Josh Downs...Great photos Karen, duh! You two are so funny and witty!
Josh Downs, you should blog more often and THANK YOU for your amazing service to our country!


Loved it Josh...thanks! Your shots are beautiful!! Glad you both had such a wonderful time together!!


Thanks Josh for the blogging and Karen for THE FABULOUS PICTURES. I scrapped a Greece/ Italy trip for my daughter (her trip). It was excruciatingly fun :) It hurt because she had asked me to go and I decided to be frugal and fun because of the beauty of Greece (and Italy) and living it through her eyes and humorous comments.


I LOVE your photos/trip as told from Josh's perspective - Thanks for doing that Josh! The photos are breathtaking - methinks I need to plan a trip to Greece :)


This was awesome!!! Kudos for Josh for his commentary ... looking for to Greece II, III, IV, V, etc. giggle!!!


I freaking love this!!! Sorry it was edited, but I guess I understand. Josh, you are a natural at this, and I love the photos you took of Karen. (Love that girl.) I can't wait to meet you!!! :)


Great post and beautiful pictures! You did awesome Josh!


loved all of it.. i think josh should start a once a month appearance.. it would have been even better to have your story next to his to see the difference.. like the white or gray dress :)

Michelle Adams

LOL! Love the whole post!!!!!


1. SO jealous that you got to go to Greece
2. Josh should do more writing...funny stuff! And we are all adults, forget the editing. HAHA!

Nicky H

I'm so jealous! That looks like a fabulous trip! Josh- you are so funny!


This has got to be one of the Best.Posts.Ever! Josh, you are a natural at writing....maybe you should do a few more guest appearances!
Love all the photos, but especially love the ones of the two of you together! Such a darling couple, you are!! I absolutely adore your sweet wife and I'm so excited to finally be meeting the amazing Josh Downs! Looking forward to more Greece installments!

mandy friend

ahhh! at first i was like "did they take another greece trip, or is she finally getting around to the old one?" ha! and...before i even read the comment under the pic with the gate i said "oh my gosh i want that gate!". josh-you're awesome {but you totally should have risked imprisonment for the gate}! karen-wish i could join you in ireland, it's the one place i want to see more than any other {if they send you an extra ticket, i promise to push through a million guinesses to find you a mojito}

martha hernandez

this was a great post, thanks Josh! loved the blurry pic and the comment on Santorini not knowing about snap.shots.of.a.goodlife! these are the snap shots of life we carry with us all the time!


Y'all are so dang cute. The robes made me laugh! And the last line about being way funny before your edits. Ha! Love reading about y'all, it's inspiring. :)


Thanks Josh for complimenting Karen's (as always) great captures with your cleverly written post. So pleased you both had a fun experience in Greece and had time to 'just be' together.


Crazy beautiful photos! Wonderful commentary from Josh! I want to go to Greece for the food.


Great job Josh! Loved it, you are too funny! You both are amazing people!

Karen, I wish I could join you in Ireland, I love you and Ali both!

laura plunk davis

wow...I would love to have been on that trip and taking your class...

Thanks for sharing...


Becky Ziemek

Beautiful pictures, it looks like a wonderful time! I'm jealous. And what a fun post from Josh's perspective!

Nicole Campbell

nothing sad in this and I still cried!!!!! good tears.....your hubby loves you so much and I can see that and I LOVE IT!!!

Paola Norman

I'm so happy you both had a wonderful trip together. It was so deserved by both. Josh your a great blogger (hint maybe you'll get to guest blog once in awhile) and I'm so glad your bag showed up. Thanks for sharing this specical event with us.


Absolutely beautiful! Both the words and the photos. :)

Cindy Welch

Awh Greece, I was there too and you are right Josh Downs you have a SEXY FABULOUS HOT WIFE, and she loves ya mucho. I wanna go back to. I had a fab time.


Oh my heck, Nellie, you should have let him rip....Josh you are hilarious!! Great post and great pics!!
Y'all are the cutest!!! :)))

Elizabeth C,

Hilarious! Please have Josh make more guest writing appearances! Looks like a gorgeous place to travel.

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UUuuummm, I think I just fell in love with your husband. ;)

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Ooooh I love the boat shots...such great light! And my favorite is the one of Coley on the boat with his shades, and Courtney in the background. That one is special.

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So fun to hear Josh's "voice". You portray his personality great through your words and pics Karen- His words (and reading between the lines) backed that up. Thanks for sharing!


my husband and i were in skopelos, greece in june and we had such an amazing time! a beautiful place... so inspiring to see your images of similar landscapes! stunning.

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Penny Jane

Josh - you are such a great hubby! Karen - amazing photos! What a terrific trip.

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Great Destination! Santorini is indeed amazing :) - I love to go there with my wife every summer - we have even posted the funniest things to do there on the island at our blog at -

Have fun :)

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