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Linda Atkins

1. Yes.
2. Ice, Chiropractic (find a good sports medicine chiro) and rest
3. Yes, it went away
4. No, it has not come back.
5. Yes, I still run.

I repeat, 2. find a good sports medicine chiropractor.

p.s. I just turned 50, I had those symptoms at 40. You're not done yet.


I agree with the previous comment about finding a good chiropractor. Also, you may want to try getting a foam roller (look on Amazon) to roll out your IT band. After you run you lay on your side on the roller and roll back and forth from hip to knee. It hurts really bad at first, but once the muscles loosen up it isn't too bad. Good luck!

Amy G

Hi Karen! I am a huge fan of your classes (back in the day!) and of your blog. I totally get the pain you are feeling. I've been a sufferer of inflammation for the past 20 years. It's a downer. I've had so many types of tendonitis I can't count, including two years of Achilles tendonitis that had me a in cast and a boot for 6 months. It just roams around my body and seems to settle wherever I use it most. Wanna take up daily walking? Tendonitis settles in the Achilles. Start swimming? Some nice inflamation in the shoulder. It's literally, pun intended, such a pain. I've tried every Western medicine treatment there is including painful steroid shots and numerous meds. Holistic treatments helped a bit more but never resolved it. HOWEVER, a year ago I started making some hardcore changes and there are two things that I get the most results from: A modified Paleo diet and faithfully taking Wobenzyms (the ones made by Garden of Life). They're a systemic enzyme that when taken as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach they "eat" the inflammation in your body. I know people take digestive enzymes, but these are slightly different and when they go through your system without any food to help digest they make a beeline for the inflammation. My orthopedic doc was pushing me towards Achilles surgery when the enzymes started to work. I had to take them faithfully for a month before I noticed any change. They've made such a difference. I also cleaned up my diet via Paleo and added in appropriate portions of grassfed beef (wasn't doing much meat before) and organic chicken and other "clean" proteins, got off the gluten and sugar and mostly use rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes as my carbs when I do them. I also eat yogurt, butter, and occasional hard cheese which is why I called it "modified". I can't tell you how much difference this way of eating has made for my inflammation. It's almost non-existent. Every single time I fall off the wagon beyond more than the stray dessert or nosh of pasta my inflammation come back, like clockwork. For me it's worth getting over the sugar and white flour and most dairy to not have to be in pain. I've also focused on what I CAN eat instead of what I CAN'T. My favorite paleo meal I make a few nights a week are these Asian ground chicken lettuce wraps I make with chicken, carrots, green apple for crunch, lots of ginger and sometimes peanuts or cashews on top. My husband calls them Asian Sloppy Joes. We put a lot of turkey/chicken/grilled fish meals in lettuce wraps it find what works for you with this way of eating...Anyway, sorry this is such a long response but I just wanted to SECOND the Paleo way of eating for fighting inflammation and suggest the Wobenzyms as a supplement. Good luck and I hope you can find your way to health, with whatever path works for you. Best, Amy :)


Have you looking into a foam roller? I don't run, and I have never used a foam roller, but I know several runners with problems with their IT Band and they say foam rolling can be great for it. You might check it out. I know they even carry the foam rollers at Walmart and Target now. Good luck I hope something helps!


yes...IT band issues are no fun. I have had a love/hate relationship with my foam roller since my IT band started causing problems 10 days before my first duathlon. that was almost three years ago; i managed to do the duathlon, and I am still running. Taking enough time to stretch in general, but especially rolling, after running has definitely been the best way for me to stay on top of it. good luck...with the IT and with your upcoming run!

ana roat

Hi Karen-
I suffer from long ITT band syndrome in my left leg. It started in my hip then progressed to the outside of my knee. I saw a orthopaedic doctor that sent me to physical therapy. That relieved the pressure from my hip but that was about it. The knee continues to hurt. What has helped is stretching right before going to bed. It may also help to change the type of shoes you wear. I was really into berkinstock shoes and according to the doctor they were the primary cause of the pain. Since the shoes have a very high arch, they tend to rotate your feet out. This puts extra pressure on the outside of yout feet/legs/hips. Also, I have a bad habit of placing my left foot on the leg of my desk chair. This causes my left hip to sit higher than my right. Again extra pressure. I tend to have little pain when I wear the right shoes and sit properly at my desk. Lastly, don't walk or run on uneven surfaces. This also adds pressure causing lots of pain. And if nothing else works, try polar ice or valtaran topical (requires prescriptions). Both helped relieve the pain.

Good luck and hope you're feeling better soon...

Jane La Pierre

Ugh, hate to tell you this.
I had a hip resurfacing at 54 and now at 58 my other hip is going. I too was having problems for a few months. First started with acupunture, next deep tissue massage, went to chiro for the IT band, but was still having problems. She recommended going to physical therapy. PT said my hip was going. Recommendation was - no more treadmill, get a stationary bike. Biking the best exercise for hips. Went to the hip doctor and he said I had 6 a year and I would need another hip resurfacing on good, now bad hip. Hip resurfacing is a hip replacement for a younger person, you get parts, but can be active, but can never be a runner; would wear down parts.
My recommendation - go to a reputable physical therapist.
Not saying you have a hip problem, just recommending a physical therapist as someone that can diagnose and help you.

Amy M

I was hoping you were going to have the answer to your pain! I have had similar symptoms ever since I gave birth last year (except that my pain is in my back as well as my hip). Until this past week, I have always felt fine while running but after sitting or laying down it takes me quite a while to get going. I don't have any advice for you since I am waiting on some better insurance to get help for it, but I will be watching the comments. If you get it figured out, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write another blog post about it! :-)

Lisa V.

As I started reading, I was thinking: she needs some accupuncture! I have arthritis and fibromyalgia, so I can tell you all about pain. I've had tendonitis in my shoulder, elbows, and both feet. It can go on forever. My last round with my elbow went down into my wrist and then hand, with numb fingers for months, and up into my shoulder. I was a mess, couldn't even lift a water bottle. My doctor has an accupuncturist in her office so she walked me over and with one treatment I was feeling better. A couple of follow-ups along with some Jin Shin Jihitsu and it was good as new. I would totally recommend sticking with the accupuncture - it really works. Hope you can get through it quickly!


I just started training for a 5K about a month ago. I, too, developed pain in my left hip. After checking with the running store to make sure my shoes were right and I was warming up correctly, my dad suggested the chiropractor. I found a great one and my X-rays revealed that my left shoulder and left pelvic bone are significantly higher than my right. After two weeks, I am pain free. I am on a 6 month plan with the office and totally believe in it and their philosophy. They showed me stretches for the foam roller and various things to stretch my hips and lower back. The thing my chiropractor said that kind of sold me was when he was talking about our bodies being made to heal on their own, if all the nerves are working correctly. He said, "I know for a fact that your hip is not hurting due to a lack of muscle relaxers or ibuprophen in your body. Those just take care of the symptoms." most good chiropractors will do an initial consultation for free or little money. Good luck and hope this helps!


Chiropractor. Foam roller. But....they.....suck.....and they hurt. But they work.


I had similar "out of nowhere" hip joint pain last year at the same time I was having a smattering of other "out of nowhere" inflammation related physical issues. My doctor had me go off ALL dairy for several weeks and I saw improvement in most areas including the hip. I think I am lactose intolerant but only when my system is on overload. I still eat dairy but in smaller quantities and less frequently (and ditch all the "low fat" dairy because they contain unhealthy fillers and more lactose - better off eating full fat". Lactose is also a "sugar" so I am also trying to do the Paleo thing but it is hard to drop all carbs completely. But I have seen definite improvement when I lower intake of sugar and refined carbs and minimize carb portions. They say to try for the 80/20 rule and many Paleo enthusiasts follow it differently to make it work best for them. Overall chronic inflammation in your system can lead to a host of illness and disease that we would all like to avoid as we get older (heart issues, Alzheimer, cancer etc.) so I figure going for 80/20 is better than nothing. Good luck!


Karen, I went through similar pains and my IT band was severely stressed and in pain after my runs. What really helped me is 'YOGA'. Pigeon pose in particular helped with that and trying Yin yoga (where you enter into a pose gently and hold it up to five minutes) was an absolute treat. Now I always stretch before and after my runs, even if its quick hamstring runs. And if you can afford the time to pamper yourself, lavender bath is bliss...
And I also tried dietary restrictions but they didn't help as much :-(

april b

As soon as you mentioned 'inflammation' and then followed it up by saying it can be treated by your diet - I let out a big "yes" at my computer. I'm not going to go on about specifics - but I HIGHLY recommend that you check out the blog by Maria Emmerich (Mind Body Health) and her books. They are somewhat Paleo-ish...but without cutting the meat OR dairy! ha! She has a TON of great recipes for sweet treats without sugar (bonus for the dental hygienist in you). She talks a lot about inflammation and what causes it. Please please please check her out! I really think the things she says make sense and the claims she has made - which to most sound pretty crazy (consuming regular fat dairy, not fat free) actually are slowly being recognized by mainstream doctors as legit. Good luck! xoxo


I don't have IT band issues but I have and have had inflamation problems for years. I will need my knees replaced one of these days. A few months ago I started a Plant Based diet and it's gotten rid of much of my inflamation, I no longer have to take something just to be able to walk. I still have trouble kneeling and all those things because I have virtually no cartlidge behind my knee caps but everyday walking and doing nothing doesn't hurt any more. Good luck, I hope some of these suggestions work for you!


I had the exact same issue - CHIROPRACTOR! :)

Good luck!

Janet K

I would say the foam roller for alot...even when it is not hurting so much, because with tendonitis, there is still inflammation on the tendon...and by now you probably have some trigger points in your glute muscles and deep hip 2-3 massages would be helpful. You don't have to do hour appts (though that would be great) but 1/2 appts focusing on your hip would be very beneficial, especially if you could do the visits fairly close together...about a week apart. Then using the foam roller will hept to continue to stretch out those muscles and the IT band. Good Luck! (by the way, I am a massage, yes, a little partial to massage!)

Cindy Welch

This is your nurse cindy here. Your body is talking to you and while it may be just tendonitis, my nurse friend did exactly what you are doing and it was a stress fracture and she then had three months or bedrest as she refused surgical repair and now she has trouble with running. She believed the old saying "just run through the pain" WRONG. Its not right to run through the pain. Get a diagnosis, skip a regular doctor and go to an orthopedic doctor so that you don't waste your time and money. They will want an MRI, its the best to see the issues. In my case, arthritis and tendonitis and running will ALWAYS aggravate it but it won't kill me. But your young, To confirm something benign is better than ignoring something big that can worsen by continued strain. It will make you feel better to know.


I was diagnosed with bursitis in my right hip last month. Doctor prescribed 800 mg of ibuprofen 3x a day for 3 weeks and said I should keep exercising. Pain has decreased but still some tenderness. I stretch before and after every run and ice after. I am going to try changing my diet to see if that also helps. I eat ALOT of SUGAR. I am so afraid this will become chronic. I also mix up my workouts - biking, swimming, weights. Peanut Butter Fingers blog had a post yesterday on this topic and includes stretches.

t emmons

Hey! Just wanted to let you know post #1 has it nailed to a tee!! If you check out my blog from last week, you could see how badly my back was messed up.... stemming from that darn hip that is circled on the xray. Needless to say, I couldn't walk, and was in such agonizing pain when I went in to the Chiropractor a week ago Monday. Every day of treatment I was in tears, until Thursday. Ice, Aleve, and him stretching me out became my routine. (Not to mention prayer.) This week I only had to go twice. Next week he believes that it will be just once, and I should be good to go. No running quite yet. stationary bike and elliptical are best for the hip. Also, making sure you go backwards on the elliptical will help with that hip flexor. It's a bummer, but I wish you well.




I have never run in my life, but I do eat Paleo and it has helped a ton of inflamation in my body. I mostly eat grass-fed ground beef that I pre-cook with garlic and onion and then brown it in butter until it is all cripsy and sort of like bacon bits. And it is goooooood. I don't love meat either, but I can handle the ground beef and I eat a lot of eggs. And lots of veggies and fruit. I have lost 20 pounds so far - woo hoo!

I hope your hip feels better and you find a solution that works for YOU. And of course, you can wear jeans again!


Go gluten free, it has been proven to help/cure many ailments!!!


I get that in my knee from time to time. I do take ibuprofin though. Why don't you? It is the only thing that seems to help in the short-term, because it cuts the inflammation. I also do pilates which is what helps for the long term. hope you can get back in those jeans. Man, I would hate it if I couldn't wear jeans. I wouldn't have anything to wear! Good luck.


Hi Karen,
I haven't had a hip problem but I had a knee problem. My pain was due to inflammation of my IT band and lack of strength in my other muscles. I went to Physical therapy for a while to specifically target stretching and strengthen my leg muscles. The strengthening part seemed like a crazy idea because I thought if I can run a half marathon I gotta have strong legs. WRONG! only some of my muscles were strong and were having to work too hard for the ones that were week. I am no longer in PT but continue to do my strength training and yoga in addition to my running. If you don't have access to weights the standard leg lift exercise reminds me of the 80s but works like magic and showed me just how weak some of my muscles were.
Best of luck it can be so frustrating to want to run and exercise but be held back because of true pain.

Amy Mason

I was diagnosed with hip bursitis. Rest, stretching, and PT. Sorry to say this, but you really should see a specialist to see exactly what you have... Feel better!


I had cortisone shots in both hips 2 weeks ago for hip bursitis. It's been going on for a few years (same age as you-same bday actually...) My chiropractor made the call but a rhuematologist diagnosed and did the shots. It's amazing that I can run again w/o pain and not be in tears from the burning the remainder of the day-it was always worse after activity and after I'd sat for any length of time.
I've been gluten free for a few months now but don't feel that helped my hips-but has helped in the fatigue department...


Hi Karen. I just want to throw my support behind the Paleo diet. I've been doing it for a year now and it's seriously changed my life. Lost 55 pounds, my skin completely cleared up (I had acne), and I sleep like a rock now (used to wake up every 2ish hours). I know you said you don't like meat, but seafood, eggs, and poultry are great ways to get some protein. I read Robb Wolf's book and it explained how digestion works and what happens to our bodies when we eat gluten and sugar. Fascinating stuff that just made sense. I wish you luck. I hope you can get it all sorted out and get rid of your pain/inflammation.
PS. Love your blog and photos! You're so talented!


I have had a hip/leg issues ever since I injured my back a few years ago. I piled on weight and every time I attempted to exercise (bec I am an all or alone just doesn't work in my brain) my hips would get so inflamed I couldn't sleep. I recently started exercising again and someone told me to do a little stretch and then warm up for 5 minutes and then do longer stretches afterward. That has worked WONDERS! I also hate meds, but I did recently start taking vimovo..I just take it once a day as opposed to the twice it suggests. I hope to get to a point where I don't need it, but I HAVE to sleep!


I have a friend who suffered from severe inflammation and arthritis for years. She changed to a gluten free diet and is now pain free! I also am doing acupuncture but for different reasons and I love it it provides me with relief. Good luck and hope you resolve your pain soon!

Melinda Anderson

Ohhhhhh nooooo- I feel like this post is speaking to me. I'm 65 and in your current class, Karen! I started a low carb lifestyle about 5 years ago- and felt fabulous!!! But the last year I have relapsed (and wow, instant weight gain)- and I am having new hip and shoulder pain (bursitis and arthritis just diagnosed)to go along with my knee, IT band, hamstring issues. I've flirted with Paleo and subscribe to (but haven't read) Maria Emmerich's blog. I think this is a wakeup call for me. So- my advice for you (and me)- work on the diet, see a chiro, and do all the things your wonderful readers are suggesting. OK- me too!


I can't speak to the hip pain but I can highly recommend the "paleo" diet change. My hubby had realized that his blood pressure was too high after an eye Dr's visit - go figure!. He made an appt with his general practitioner who suggested a diet change before prescibing medication. He bought the same book you've just purchased and subscribed to this web site: After both of us adopted the paleo diet (lifestyle) we've dropped weight, neither of us has much joint pain (my knees are arthritic), blood pressure is MUCH lower, lower cholesteral, etc. We're exercising too, but not to the point of overkill, and seeing results more quickly. I'm thrilled, but I do miss pizza and bagels. There are a ton of paleo recipe books out there too and with minor ingredient changes I can still have pizza, muffins, (made with almond meal instead of wheat flour). It's a tough change at first, but that's always the way right? Change IS tough at first. Best of luck and I hope your pain subsides quickly!

Sarah Carbajal

I have a plethora of hip issues that have gravitated down to my knee and ankle from being stubborn and not stretching and resting as I should have.
I see a great chiro that has given me some incredibly helpful stretches.
I run quite a bit and have transitioned to minimal style running shoes, and that has helped as well. (stangely enough). I also follow the Paleo diet. I can't sing it's praises enough. I don't get migranes anymore, my gastro issues are gone and I have much more energy. I say give it a try. Paleo Blueprint is a great book with delicious easy recipes that don't all have meat in them.
Good luck!


I can't say I've had the exact same kind of pain, however I noticed so much bloating and my joints being tender and swollen. Desperate after baby #4 to loose the weight, I decided to attempt the primal diet and I noticed right away that I no longer felt as sluggish. My joint pain and swelling has gone away. I am a vegetarian, so this has been quite a challenge for me, but in all honesty, I have already lost almost 20 pounds and feel better than I have in years. Good luck. I can't discount the others suggesting a chiropractor, but make sure it is a reputable one.


Well, I guess I'll toss my two cents in the ring and give my opinion since that's all its worth anyway. :-) My FIRST thought was this: yeah, I've heard of the Paleo Diet but why isn't she looking at the book about The INFLAMMATION Diet when she was told her hip was about inflammation. LOL. Don't know why but that struck me as kind of funny. Secondly, I've never believed in chiropractic doctors...I think you are either a Chiro believer or your not, and I am NOT. I'd rather try alternatives like the acupuncture. I'd definitely look at supplements as well (like Fish Oil and others) for the inflammation. I believe our bodies have the capacity to heal themselves but we never give them a chance. I know this, my body definitely FEELS better when I'm exercising and eating right. I've fallen off the exercise wagon the past 2 months and need to get back on because I've been feeling it physically and emotionally. I hope you find sucks being sidelined with injuries. :-(

mandy friend

hey babe. i don't have that issue, but LOADS of others;) naturopath told me to do a paleoish diet as well. 3 months later i felt NO difference. all things in moderation. including carbs;)


I'd say find a good physical therapist who specializes in sports injuries. I have the gluteal medius tendonitis and for me it causes calf pain when running. It's because that muscle isn't as strong as it needs to be. PT exercises have really helped me. Especially doing a dynamic muscle warm up before working out. My PT also gave me some core strengthening exercises to do too.

kristen ohran

Hi Karen, I am one of your past students -- and LOVE your blog. I am a runner and although I haven't experience pain like that, I wanted to suggest a few things for you to look into. Maybe something will help, maybe not. My husband who has always HATED running has recently started running and now loves it. He's even shocked that he can use the words "love" and "run" in the same sentence. In fact, within his first 2 weeks of running, was already running 5k distances. The only thing that he has changed has been his running style (which I am now adopting too). It is called fore-foot running, or also "chi running". My husband always got sore legs and joints (knees and hips) from running and so would avoid it like the plague. With the chi running style, there is so much less stress and strain put on your joints and muscles and he has experienced zero pain or discomfort. In fact, his very first week of running (he ran 10 miles that week), his legs and muscles weren't sore at all. There is a lot of research into this running style - where all the "barefoot" running stems from. Check out: This site has excellent articles, videos, and products that promote the chi running style. I have gone from wearing regular old Nike shoes, to the Nike Free's, to now the Newton running shoes (that help you land properly) and the difference is amazing. Just having my husband turn into a "runner" is enough to sell me 110% on this whole new approach to running. Maybe it would help you too? I hope that you can find something that will make a difference so that you can keep on running.
PS - I've also done acupuncture and used a foam roller for various things ... love both!

kristen ohran

I have to add another PS -- I am also eating Paleo and love it!! It is a little challenging to adjust to, but once you're eating that way you will feel awesome.


My friend had same symptoms and her doctor told her basically to suck it up...and guess what she had a stress fracture in her hip! Sucking it up for three months caused MORE damage! If you think it could me more, check it out.


A foam roller and new shoes solved all my IT band issues. There's something about the structure of Sauconys that gave me the extra support I needed. And, I know it's been said many times before but be warned the foam roller does really hurt although it makes it all better in the end.


Try primal instead of strict paleo


I don't have the IT problem but I am a big believer in food keeping our body healthy. I am vegan and have some wonderful cookbooks I could recommend for you if you'd like to try changing the way you eat. Many of these recipes are so delicious that I don't miss all the things I no longer eat.


There's a lot more to the paleo diet than just meat and veggies! I cut gluten 18 months ago and saw a huge improvement in my fibromyalgia symptoms, then went vegan for 6 months and got worse. It wasn't until I went Paleo about 8 months ago that I saw complete healing. Aches and pains that had me nearly bed-ridden, depression, mood swings, a lack of energy so bad I felt like I was in a coma, mental fuzziness - it's all gone as long as I eat paleo.

There are a lot of great paleo cookbooks, but Eat Like A Dinosaur (website: is one of the best, especially if you're cooking for a family and don't want to make separate meals. And don't forget, there are so many great blogs with solid info and yummy recipes- I have a list of my favorites if you scroll down on this page:

It's not easy to eat in a way that's so opposite of the Standard American Diet, but the results are totally worth it!


Different problems, but I'm all for chiropractic care! I go once a month, I probably broke my tailbone as a kid and nothing was done, I ended up getting severe headaches because the tailbone put my hip out which radiated up my spine to my neck.
There are lots of gluten free things to eat, it requires a lot more label reading.


I've got nothin' with the running thing... But, the meat thing, I get. I started a similar diet while not eating meat and am fine now. The results were totally worth it. Although, tonight I just wanted a good ol fashion pbandj...but I had avocado and roast beef, good luck!

Ashley P.

I've worked for a chiropractor for the past 12 years and have seen so many patients enter with similar complaints. I truly believe in Chiropractic and it is my family's only form of healthcare. If your body is aligned properly it will function at 100 percent. From the sounds of it, you may need to find a chiropractor that practices diversified, SOT (sacro-occipital technique) and extremity (knee/ankles/writs/elbows/etc.) adjusting.

Barbara Simmons

Glad to add some advice here, since you've taught me so much in your class (TY!). I've been a Physical Therapist for 25 years. Go to a reputable Physical Therapist, have your symptoms properly evaluated. Treat the inflammation with local ice (daily for 10 minutes), use ibuprofen regularly for a minimum of 2 weeks. You probably need a comprehensive treatment including massage, ice, stretches and core strengthening. Your insurance should cover the costs of treatment too. Treatment should help calm the inflammation. You should get hands-on treatment (massage) and an exercise program for you work on specific weaknesses and imbalances discovered on exam. A PT can guide you how to safely resume running milage without aggrevating the injury. I realize you gave it a rest period already...but sometimes it takes more than one mode of intervention to help an injury heal along with rest. Shoot me an email if you have any other questions, I'd be happy to help. Barbara Simmons


I am fighting the same issues as I am training for my first half marathon. Thank you for asking the question, as I too benefitted from the advice of your readers!

Patty Hetrick

I'm with everyone about the chiropractor and the foam roller. The foam roller hurts like a you know what at first but once you start using it, it will help loosen and stretch. I recently bought one after not using one for years. Torture but it feels good!


I'm all for Paleo! Grains and dairy are inflammatory for most people...I have horrible knees and it seems to help...along with fish oil pills :)

For your IT band, the biggest thing that helped me is to stand perpendicular to a wall with a tennis ball in between my hip and the wall..roll it back and forth (hurts like crazy at first, just slow and easy at first)..or use a foam roll, laying on your side, move your hip and leg up and down the foam roll. Follow your body's cues--pushing through pain isn't always a good thing!


Karen if it is IT Band sydrome or the hip flexor then you should get to a PT. It may be from overuse, an alignment, an improper form or a non-stretching issue. . Also running does not necessarily strength your muscles so some work with weights can be beneficial. Also try a foam roller, they are a runners best friend!

I developed IT Band syndrom while training for my 2nd half marathon in 2005. IT was treated sucessfully and I have never had a major problem with it since.

That was 18 half marathons and 4 full marathons ago, plus a tri and some duathlons. I just turned 50 and half marathon #21 is coming up in a few weeks.

You have many more years of running ahead!!

Ohhh I totally think this could happen to me. I'm semi-Paleo and lost 18 pounds.

lynn boyle

A tight "IT band" Can cause many problems for us "Athletes" for me it's the back of my knee. I have ran most of my life, done the race thing and still run for the love of it. gave up racing officially last Hood to Coast. i am 42 and that ship has sailed. I foam roll every day. I do have two specific "IT Band" stretches that i use in both my body sculpting and SPIN classes i teach at Columbia Sports and Rec. I take hot baths and get massages when ever I can. ( the last one was over a year ago) I know. My Bad. Some great CORE work can strengthen your hamstring and "IT BAND" If you were closer I can show you many tricks. It does help. For me I feel for myself I am at the age now where my body will start to "Fight me" I just keep working, plugging along and Stretch as much as I can.. I do not take any pain pills either just don't. As for eating clean Yes but enjoy those Mojoto's for crying out loud. you do earn them..:) Anyway if your ever in this neck of the woods would love to share a run with you and some great exercise's When you do buy a foam roll get the black thick one they are about 20.00 online. foam rolling doesn't feel the greatest but that's why it works..:) If you can and invest in the PT that would be even better the exercises they use I have used as well.. Good luck hope this helps somewhat..

Sandi Anderson

Just thought I would mention yoga as well! I have never liked to exercise, but have recently taken up hot yoga and LOVE it! I have lost weight and toned up and can't wait for my next class - definitely a new experience for me regarding exercise. It is also a great place for runners with injuries. Look into it in your area and I hope you feel better soon!


Stretch, REST, ice and anti-inflammatories...AND patience.

We saw many runners with this condition in the orthopaedic office. AND they (the runners) were hard headed and didn't do any of it or didn't do it conisistenly...hahahaha AND didn't get better....................Imagine that!

Seriously... stretching 4 times a day, .ice, 20minutes 3-4 times a day, 2 Aleve twice a day...and patience. But you can start all that after your 4.14.12 race ;)



There really is a lot that you can do, but it may take a while for your pain to go away. What has helped me the most is the foam roller, regular deep tissue massages and taking a lot of good quality fish oil which will help reduce inflammation in your body and is better for you than taking ibuprofen. Other helpful things are chiropractor, acupuncture, icing, stretching, yoga, physical therapy, getting your gait checked, lifting weights to strengthen the muscles, reducing sugar in your diet (including things that break down into sugar (like white flour)) in order to reduce inflammation. It's really important to give your body time to heal so you may have to lay off the running for a bit. You never know, you might find another exercise that you enjoy. It's important to keep moving. At a minimum do the first three things I listed and it will definitely help you but it won't happen overnight. Make sure you find a really good massage therapist, it will hurt during the massage and the foam rolling but it will make a world of difference!

I do feel your pain, literally! I do a lot of impact exercise and have been getting massages every other week. Foam rolling is amazingly beneficial and taking higher doses of fish oil has really helped get rid of a lot of inflammation in my body. Check out for some really good nutrition information. They have a podcast that you can get on iTunes.

Best of luck to you Karen!

Tina Schiefer

Hi Karen,

Not sure what Paleo is (haven't Googled it yet), but two things from a shop full of men and their wives that have seen marked results...

Read about Blood-Type Diet and check out Just Light Works in Ashland.

The testimonials sound too good to be true, but both of these are amazing!

tara pollard pakosta

that doesn't sound right because that's saying that band affects the knee, not the hip.
I don't think that's what it is at all!!!
I say see another dr.!

p.s. I have a major hip problem that gets affected when I am in the car for longer periods of time, esp. if I am the one driving!

tara pollard pakosta

after reading some comments, I think it is the IT band, because it looks like it can affect the hip also?
my friend who is a nurse told me about the foam roller idea too!
she says it works wonders!
good lucK!


Ugh it sucks getting older! I got into Crossfit, and lordhavemercy my body hurts like heck all the time! Foam roller for sure. And also, lots of paleo recipes on Pinterest.... Maybe a little more creative than the book ones! :)


OMG! I have a hip problem that developed during my constant training for half and full marathons last year. I always trained properly in terms of the number of miles/week, but I did not do any fartlek training, sprints, or much cross training. I'm sure I over trained. It started last summer and I still ran two more 1/2 marathons after that pain (I had already paid $100+ so thought I should "get my money's worth"). Since Dec, I have done NO running and my hip feels NO better! I went to the doc once and he recommended Ibuprofen. Didn't work. I'm totally convinced my pain is related to a mechanical issue and I am interested in finding a doc who can assess for that but I haven't made time for that yet. I'm definitely interested in acupuncture! One thing that has been working to reduce the pain quite a bit is something called a Rumble Roller. It's like a foam roller but it's rubber and has knobs on it that work to separate muscle fibers. It can be a bit painful, but it reeeaalllly loosens up the tight muscles that are causing me pain. Check it out: I LOVE mine!

Elizabeth Peltier

Medication is there for a reason! Take ibuprofen to help get the inflammation under control, and also see a doctor to get your own diagnosis. You need to care for your body, and "pushing through the pain" never helps anything, it only makes it worse. If you can't wear clothes over it, it must be a pretty serious injury. Lifestyle changes can take a very long time to start working. If you continue to run despite the pain, more things will get out of whack as your body tries to compensate for the pain by using other muscles and making your form incorrect, which leads to more injury.


I had the same diagnosis last year and with some stretching and gluteus medius exercises I am much, much better now.
The first exercise on this link has helped me a ton:
My physical therapist said that my right gluteus medius was weak and my hip (IT band) was trying to make up for that resulting in pain and inflammation. I still have dull aching, but only after a long run.

krista resnick

Karen-I had THE EXACT same issue with my hip and went to Physical Therapy for several months-lots of stretching, icing and taking time off. THought I had it licked. Now it's in my other hip-has been now for quite awhile. Choosing to do nothing about it this time around-I can't keep going to the PT. Honestly I just run despite-it's the only form of cardio that I do-I just can't get the same high from walking:)
I've gone Paleo before as well-not that hard, and it does really help with bloat and weight loss. I do let myself have one refined grain a day now though-I work with a naturopathic doctor and she says it is a-ok to have one grain. Typically I eat some oatmeal or organic toast in the morning and then I done with my grain for the day.
Sorry you have to go through the hip thing-it sucks!!! There is just not a lot you can do about it other than some good stretches. I think it's just easier to be lazy and undisciplined:)

Beth Wood

Where is the hip pain exactly? When I was running with my knee brace on, it changed my stride ever so slightly so that my hip flexors on that side got really sore. My husband is a kick ass (pun intended) masseuse, and he just worked on my glutes and hips with some serious massage. I love accupuncture, too. I started going for whiplash sustained in a bad car accident, and it helped my neck a lot. In addition, I take 15mg of meloxicam daily. So, yeah, it's an NSAID usually used for osteoarthritis. I don't care. Everything feels better all the time. I used to be a "no drugs unless I'm dying" kind of girl, too, but it's so much better to enjoy living instead of living with pain. Just my two cents. I ran 12 miles a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome.


Oh my gosh - I'm dealing with the exact. same. thing right now!!! Sooo frustrating since I just got over a bad bout of plantar fascitis......grrrrr...I'm going back to my chiropractor - I KNOW she can help, I'm going to keep running (but I'm only training for 5k's) and yes prolonged sitting or jeans seem to aggravate it!! Please post again if you find anything more specific! (I did finally break down and start taking ibuprofen for it since I'm working out through it - and I do extra stretches AND use a foam roller - that kills like a B but eventually works out the kinks!) Good luck!


I am not a runner, but my DH is, and he has had hip pain while and after training for a marathon, and it was due to running on crowned roads - where the middle of the road is higher than the sides. For a road, this is a good thing, as it promotes drainage. For runners, it is not a good thing, as one leg is always hitting the road higher than the other, especially if you are always running the same direction (ie, always running against traffic). Find a flat road (like an actual track or trail designed for pedestrians), run in the middle, or run on alternate sides of the road to even out the high/low sides.

Tara D

About six years ago I had really bad Achilles tendonitis and I insisted on keeping up my running routine. I could barely walk throughout the day, but by gollly I was going to run my morning miles and after work miles! I finally broke down, went to a doc, he sent me to PT. Over the next 5 years I went to 3 PTs, each had slightly different ideas but basically it was an IT band issue and I was compensating and the pressure was transferred to my Achilles. I have weak hips which is putting pressure on my IT band. I tried the foam roller and besides the pain (which I could work through) I guess I'm too long and gangly and not coordinated enough to stay on the darn thing. I found a hand roller that is less cumbersome and I can even take it when I travel to deep massage. Basically, instead of treating inflammation, I am strengthening my hips so there is no inflammation to begin with. I do core training, hip strengthening exercises, and I'm starting to do yoga...which I refused to do for years because I get the giggles just imagining myself in those strange poses. I have a new left hip issue since having my first child 8 months's not IT band. I'm considering a Chiropractor for this one because it feels like an alignment things didn't settle back exactly like they were supposed to. I have refused Chiropractors because my mom was an x-ray tech and she saw a lot of people who were messed up by Chiropractors. It also bothers me that you have to keep going back to them. If they are really solving issues it seems that you could someday be done. So if you go the Chiropractor route, find a reputable one. I'm also not big on changing my diet. I'm a meat/potato/pasta gal and a milkaholic to boot! I eat a variety of things and like my mom always says, everything in moderation.


Interesting how many things are being treated nowdays with gluten free/casein free diets. Fibromyalgia, ADHD, Autism, to name a few. My family is not GF/CF, but I am currently researching how to start. The information is overwhelming. It is truly a change in the way of life. Everywhere I read, people write about how this change helped them. I have no idea if it will help my family (ADHD issues mostly) or not, but I'd rather change my kids' diets than give them stimulants. Right now I have one on a stimulant, and I'd love to take him off. I'd love to see you write more about this change (if you do it) and how you manage to do it (just you, or the whole family?). I wish you the best and hope your hip problem gets better.


Not sure if someone mentioned this already but I would suggest ultrasound therapy from your chiropractor. I had this problem for 9 months. It developed after a longer and faster run I took one day with my husband. I tried to rest it for awhile then tried physical therapy and many stretches multiple times daily. Still no relief so I went to the chiropractor. Found that I had one leg longer than the other so she added a lift to one of my running shoes to even me out. After several adjustments and no big improvement she tried ultrasound on my hip. The next day felt 80% better. Had one more treatment and I was good to go. So mad it took me 9 month to figure it out though! I had been running for less than a year but has started to "enjoy" it too so I was frustrated when this injury arose. I haven't been back to the chiropractor for this since. Good luck to you. Hope you figure it out!

Khalari Perdue

My best suggestion... take it to Jesus. He's a healer.


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After you run you lay on your part on the curler and throw returning and forth from hip to joint. It affects really bad at first, but once the muscle tissue unwind it isn't too bad. Excellent luck!


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Gwen Knight

I can only imagine your pain that even wearing jeans became such a troubling task. That must have been tough! Gluteal tendonitis can cause severe pain, tenderness and even swelling on the affected area. But there are certain activities that can help you prevent this condition. One is to do some dynamic stretches five minutes before any strenuous activity. Dynamic stretches helps to get your muscles and connective tissues ready for your activity. So do not skip on the stretches. Also, I would suggest that you see a chiropractor to check your hip. Chiropractic care can help align the bones and muscles to prevent tendonitis.


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jack saw

I used to run 2 miles per day. But after having a accident i get injured in my knee what can i do?
after surgery bra


Hi Jack,
Sad to hear about your knee. Here's a viable option you might want to consider:

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