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Amy Z

Annie talking to Jesus about the peacock made me LOL. So cute. That photo of the giraffe is just terrific!


Awesome pictures - I love reading your makes me smile everyday. thanks for that!

mandy friend

Thanks for making me laugh with the chichi and Jesus comments!

julie okada

This looks like a ton of fun! Wish we had one in Colorado...and although our weather is beautiful today it's not a gorgeous as yours!

laura j

I howled out loud when I read what Annie said about the peacock!!! Kids say such precious things....thanks for sharing!


These are fabulous! So many great shots! And Annie asking about the "turkey" made me laugh out loud!

Melanie C.

Love Annie's comment about the weird looking turkey!

Corie in Indy

Your blog makes me laugh. Thank you for that! z
Love the Jesus and the chi-chis comments. :o)


Karen - I love the shots in the visor mirror! That is the one shot I always feel compelled to capture. Keep thinking I need a wide lens to capture it. I just love the feeling of seeing what we see when looking through it. Makes me happy!


My sister and I were just talking the other day about how much Wild Life Safari changed our lives when we were kids. We even talked about the annoying ostriches! This post brought back so many memories--I can't wait till I have my own kids to take!


Annie made my day with her walkie talkie. That is so funny and cute.

Libbi M.

planning on a trip to wild life safari over spring break (crossing my fingers, the weather is cooperative.) snowing very heavily right now where i live (on top of mt. ashland) and wishing spring would come sooner. also wondering how did you get that awesome shot of the girraffe and you in the mirror at the same time? beautiful shots, beautiful family. thank you for sharing.


Love the Safari! What lens were you using? Love your giraffe shot! And the tigers are never laying up there when we go...lucky you! What shoes do you recommend with shorts?!!


Seriously! That looks SO fun!

What DO you recommend a person wear with shorts? Sandals?


Laughed my A** off this entire post...starting with the chi chi's!


My son, who is about Annie's age-will freak out when I show him these pictures after he wakes. He is such an animal nut and I know he'll just love looking through these...can't wait to see his face.

Loved Annie's peacock comments-their little minds just crack me up!

gina f.

loved the turkey comment.. hope you wrote that down( scratch that- i just read it so you wrote it- i'm a dork). My favorite photo is you, Courtney, and the giraffe!! Have a good day!


I would never have noticed your chichis if you hadn't mentioned it. But then you did mention it, and then I had to look. :)
Love the comment into the walkie talkie. Thanks for taking such great photos, and sharing them with us!


hilarious - my coworkers probably think i'm a weirdo, since i'm laughing so much! love, love, love annie's question to jesus. 10-4, good buddy. :)


That was almost like spending the day with you, love the photo's....I could feel the fun


love this post. where did you get annies dress?


This is awesome! Karen I love how you keep it real. Have a great day!


LOVE the "Hello Jesus"...! she's TOO FUNNY!! and your chi chi's!!! hahaha!!! don't worry, they looked fantastic!!

Tara Liddicoat

I love the question Annie had for Jesus on her walkie-talkie! HA! Running shoes and shorts are WAY better than SOCKS AND SANDALS (please speak to my husband!)!!! I am learning so much in class - thank you Karen!


wildlife safari is totally a right of passage. i wholeheartedly agree!

i love the giraffe shot. so awesome! and the tiger - what a rare treat to have him up on the platform. he looks like he was enjoying the warm spring weather!

finally, miss annie. how precious was her question to God? that was equally adorable and hilarious!

thanks for sharing these!

Jennifer M.

That shot of the giraffe with your reflection is the car's side mirror is beyond awesome. Love it!

Jen Spain

I HAVE to know what kind of vehicle you drive -- if it has mirrors that can do that for your chi-chis, that's a major selling point!

Lisa Bosch

Love the giraffe shot! Which lens were you using?
The chi-chi's comment was hysterical...great shot too by the way!

Julia Spencer

I so love the photo with the giraffe and you in the sideview mirror taking the photo! That is very AWESOME! ;) - And you are very funny about wanting to knock the kids head together for fighting. I feel that way too.


Okay what was the temp that day? I live in south Louisiana and it's been way too cold for us here to wear shorts or sleeveless dresses. Are you guys just used to the cold weather? Great pictures as usual though! I am trying to get my husband to buy me a DSLR, but I have to quit taking good pictures with my Kodak first, he keeps saying see how good your pictures are? You don't need a knew camera! But I want a big girl camera!!!!
Love your blog!


Here's the have green grass and leaves on the trees....ahhhh spring! How lucky are you to spend this day!!!! Even with the old family in a car for some time thing!! We here in Billings are JEALOUS!!!!


That last shot of Courtney Lee with her dad is awesome!


LOL at the weird-looking turkey.

How do you feel about capris with hiking boots?

(It's "rite" of passage.)


Did Jesus give her a 10-4? Too funny!!! Love the pics!!!

(even the bodacious chi-chi's) ha.


At this point, with the amount of snow that we have in Ohio, running shoes with cargo shorts would not bother be in the least! LOL


You crack me up...

and just when I move to GP , you move to CP. dang

Working part time at KPS these days. and for a dentist...

Keep up the good work.

So Oregon


ok the chi - chi's cracked me up...I was totally looking at your lens because I always have lens envy...looked down and said "whoa"...then read what you wrote and laughed. Jeff cracked up at the nickname for "them"...LOL. Oh My Goodness & what Annie said to Jesus was one of the cutest things EVER!!


Love the giraffe photo! And the walkie-talkie to Jesus is hilarious.


Aww looks like Cole and Courtney love taking photos as much as you do! :)


Roseburg represent!

Seriously, I love that you live in Oregon. :) Southern Oregon, no less!


Your stories truly crack me up. I laughed throughout this entire post. I LOVED the part where you noted that Josh likes to lock the windows when that animal comes and the comment about being against short and running shoes and the comment about your chi chi's and the comment.... oh hell ALL OF them were super duper GREAT.

What a fun day you all had. I'd love to take part in one your adventures. I bet it's a complete blast.


Oooh just blissful photos.. By the way I want Miss Annies headband, gorgeous dress, boots and her socks.. Mmmmm looooove her gorgeous hair too Karen!!!!!

Sandy Brown

How come you get to wear sleeveless and shortsleeves in Oregon, while I am bundled in sweaters in Louisiana!!!??? Great shots -- I love trips to zoos/wildlife parks too.


The "Hello Jesus" made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe! I love the cheetah picture... "do you mind, I'm trying to take a nap!"


that last photo just melts my heart. so sweet. and i am completely jealous of the clothing you are all wearing - shorts, short sleave shirts. must be beautiful weather.

Myriam Manns

I just stopped by with my latte and enjoyed your post as usual. I simply love your fotos and think you have a wonderful blog, therefore yours is my blog of the month.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a sunny rest of the week


I can't believe that you guys are still wearing short sleeve shirts in Oregan. I'm moving. This winter about killed me this year...


I love reading your blog! "Chi Chi's"...hahahahaha!


I totally understand why the kids like the Imma Be song. :)


Your cha chas look good:)

Men don't care about looking good. My husband would do the same thing!

Cindy Welch

Love the photos.


Just for the record, I can't believe you're against running shoes with shorts. I kinda like that. :)

Courtney Walsh

the chi-chi comment made me laugh out loud. In fact, I'm still giggling. lol

looks like fun. Beautiful family.


I'm still laughing.


Try rubbing a dryer sheet on Annie's static hair, it works like a charm!

men's sport sandal

I couldn't agree more with Tara. Sandals and socks are the worst combination ever. It looks even worse than plaid and polka dots!


Great looking photos you've got there. I assume you took your pictures with a Nikon D80 camera ? I love taking my family to the outdoors. I always take professional running shoes, a good tent, and everything else you'd expect from a trip to the nature.

Account Deleted

You are an Excellent photographer. I am glad I stumbled here.

Night Safari

Lovely pics! The place is also interesting and much of fun.

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