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this post says "summer"


hehe, sounds like a pretty good day to me :)
The boxes will be there tomorrow (and the days after that) so no worries ;)


That sounds wonderful!


Oh how I LOVE this picture of Annie!!!! I am so looking forward to June 22!!! :) Counting down the days!!!!

Kathleen Kraft

I LOVE the picture of Annie in her tutu and underoos...and I too love to sit and listen to Randy Travis...ahh....I feel better already ...hope you did too!

Lisa B.

There is NOTHING harder than moving for me. We've lived in this place more than 20 years now and just the thought of moving makes me tired...glad we don't have any plans to do that!


Good Morning Karen,
Those boxes are not going anywhere, time does fly however, don't feel guilty for enjoying your family! You're an exceptional woman. Today is another day!
Eat a Peach baby!!


Count your Blessings,these sweet memories carry you through when they are grown with kiddies of there own. The stress and thoughts of how tired you are will fade and all that will remain is the smiles, tutus, football games, etc... Have a great day, Nana Janet


God, how I love you.

Just know that there is some girl off in Ohio who reads your blog every single day--looks forward to it in fact--and that it is always a highlight. Not that I don't appreciate just make me savor it more.

You really are something. :) Big hugs to you!

Kathy C.

Sounds like the perfect evening to me! To-do lists are highly over and having FUN is what it's all about (not the hokey pokey).... ;-)

~ Kathy

Jennifer M.

What a beautiful picture. I love the lighting in it...just perfect.


Laughs like that are food for the soul! Your boxes will get unpacked...remember you are a few days ahead of the game. You weren't supposed to move until Friday right!
BTW-I stopped crying and started to notice the bokeh you pointed out! Now I'm pretty proud! Thanks Karen.


Patty Hetrick

to-do lists can be very overwhelming! Sounds like a lot of fun and excitement otherwise:) I love Randy Travis!! One night a friend and I sang old RT songs while drinking margaritas at the local steak house. It was so much fun but the people at the next table might not have enjoyed our private concert as much!!


I think that picture of Annie is a framer. That golden light is just magical. And the subject ... sigh ... such a sweet, non-avocado girl.
Val Koop (snapshot class)


Love the pix of Annie! Have a great day!

kim Bolyard

you forgot to list "this is one of my favorite photos" is just beautiful



Oh, Randy Travis! A few weeks ago I put a bunch on my ipod, only to have to change them because no one else appreciated my singing to them.

nancy in ks

Annie would have us believe she really is an angel, by the looks of her halo.

Stunning shot.

I hope you keep having babies to photograph for years to come. But this probably isn't the best time to mention THAT, huh. smile.

Ann Grounds

Tell the truth now, did you set her up for this one? It is just too perfect! But that's you, you get the perfect shot everytime!

Jennifer S

Karen, what a gorgous shot! LOVE that lighting :) Summer is for enjoying, not stressing. Glad you had a good night with the kids.

I had no idea you ahve a DOG! Wheres those photos???


i think that is my favorite photo of yours yet karen....lovely


The photos from the last few posts are absolutely PRICELESS! So REAL.

Just be sure to record the girls' singing too. Trust me, someday, it'll be "priceless" as well. Plus, it's good leverage to have at the Thanksgiving table when they're older.

My sister had kept a recorded cassette of me belting one out at about 8 or 9. Talk about life's most embarassing moment when she played it in front of my hubby and kids all those years later! Whew! Paybacks a... well, you know.

Also, FYI, Janice M., of G.P. Scrapbook Connection, has a new scrapbook space on a budget! Check it out...

Susan Bowers

Great to-do list; sounds like you covered everything on the list just fine.


omg i love randy travis!

annie + tutu= perfect.



Would Josh drink after the dog? I'd be hollerin' too! :D

Yannie looks angelic!!!

sherry d

LOVE that pic of Annie; i so hope i get to register soon for one of your classes!


OMG That is an amazing shot of Annie...look at the light that you captured!! She looks angelic!!


OMG Karen - I have been reading your blog for years now and I never knew you had a dog. Seriously! Perhaps you could squeeze in a quick post about her. With photos *of course* (But only if she is half as cute as Yannie in her tutu!) Talk about precious...


I'm glad my boys aren't the only kids that bring Legos--or anything they can think of, really--into the bathtub. Boys.


I have been stopping by your blog for over a year...and never knew you had a dog!
How about posting a picture of Shelby, I'm sure you have a few..if not get snapping!
Thanks...oh and love the shot of Miss. Annie in her tutu picking her toes...she is too darn cute!

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