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I just love the expressions on Annie's face! She is just so cute! Hope you feel less tired, Karen!

Shirley K.

That first picture is pretty stinkin' cute.


She is so cute!! Love the outift and loving the expression in the first one

Kimberly Archer

Just simply adorable. Her outfit is so wonderful and fun. I love that you allow her to have fun with clothing. That is one of the fun things about childhood. Anything goes...

The orange and pink with splashes of green is fabulous.

april nowotny

I just love that first cute!

Jennifer M.

Great pictures, as always! I love Annie's outfit. Too dang cute.


Oh my...that child is too, too cute! Love her outfit. Great style!

Traci Severson

too cute for words!

Nicole Kberg

She is always dressed in the cutest mix matched pieces and they make the best pics! Especially love those pumpkinesque slippers!


That child was born to be in front of a camera! Adorable.


love the photos, and the piggy banks!

Dawn Regan

I never get tired of seeing pictures of her! Always makes me smile!


pumpkin slippers?

i love her.


What a ham-bone!!!


Annie's outfit is adorable!!!! It makes me want to be young again!

Annie L.

love the shoes.. those add a little extra zip to the outfit... "O" what it would be to be 3 again.. Hahaha.
Get some rest Karen.. :-)


She's such a little ham--love that precious kitten!

Hope you get lots done this weekend!!!

Karen Travels

I never get tired of your pics either!!!

Another Karen, in Anchorage

Nancy Wyatt

Some of those would make great greeting card photos! As always love your photos and the subject! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Kim P

Such a fun expression on Annie's face in that 1st picture! She cracks me up. I got my binder today. Wooo hoooooo. Doin' the happy dance - not for real, though 'cause it would look pretty scary... just in my head :-) Have a great weekend over at the new, old house.


LOVE the matching piggy banks in the last picture :) made me smile....

wish i lived closer so i could be helping you right now missy....


She is so cute! I love that you capture those everyday moments of your kids playing (and fighting!). Hope you get some rest!


That top photo has me rolling! Fabulous shot.

Tonia Borrosch

YUMMY, YUMMY, and YUMMY! I especially love #3, the way she is looking to the side and the piggies in the background-too bad her piggies weren't showing and somehow spotlighted! These are wonderful, Karen.

Robyn :)

That first picture of Annie is hilarious!!! From the outfit to the glasses to her expression and pose, it is just perfect. That would be a good one to frame :)

Account Deleted

OMG!! Your daughter is soooooooo cute!! What a lovely model you have around the house!!!


Who needs words when you have that cute kid!


Oh my, how great is that to picture!?!!
Gorgeous Annie!


That Annie is just too adorable for words...thus none are needed.


I too love the expressions on her face! She loves the spotlight of being the baby of the family! I have one just like her -- wait until she's 15 like mine! :0 Keeps us hopping, but man is it ever fun!


whoa..that first pict says it all... super cute and great times.:)

love the post even if only picts. thanks and remember TAKE CARE OF YOU.


The first photo is classic!


OMG, Karen! I want to eat her right up!


I miss a couple of weeks and Annie has sprouted up even more! I love the photos. The girl has great taste, pink and green are hot right now (lol)! Sending you enegy vibes and hope you are soon, if not already, feeling refreshed and renewed!

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