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Yay for Annie!


Ode to being 3!


Nice fish Annie! My husband has been fishing Diamond every weekend and doing good. 5 of us went on Sunday and came home with 14, plus there were many that got away. Email me if Josh wants us to share our secrets! hehe! I posted pics on my blog too if he wants to see my trout! Hope all is well! I miss you coming to Roseburg!


ROTFL! Annie is hysterical! Maybe Josh Downs should ask Annie if he can borrow her fishing pole next time! Way to go Annie and Dora!:-)


Oh my heck...that is so cute! Totally made me laugh.


That. is. an. awesome. picture!!! What a great story too. I love the family stories you share with us. Good luck with the moving :))

Michelle Bertuzzi

I'm a frequent visitor here. I always love how your pictures says thousands words
and how your phrases are short but says a lot of story and very entertaining (in a good way!)

Give Annie a big great job hug for me!

Kimberly Archer

That's fabulous. Funny, my son caught his very first fish in 1992 on a Mutant Ninja Turtle Pole. He is an avid outdoors man now.


I am sooo w/ Annie about not wanting to touch it!!LOL W/ her Dora the Explorer Fishing pole cracks me up!!!Poor Josh!!


Well done Annie!

(Um, Karen, is it time Josh retire those jeans? There are holes in the um, you know!) lol


oh, that is too cute!!!

Kathy C.

Super cool!!! Way to go Annie!

Leigh Ann

That is excellent! It's always the kids that catch the fish. My son caught the biggest fish of our whole trip the year he was Annie's age--on his Tigger fishing pole! The adults(who were much more dedicated, quiet, and didn't throw rocks in the water while fishing)weren't nearly as lucky.

Tonia Borrosch

Hee Hee! Nice catch Annie! My son also had good luck like that with his Sponge Bob pole. Hmmmmm....these kids may be on to something.


ahh, the toddler mind - funny how that works!! :) too cute!!


That might just be the cutest story ever. I love how she was concerned for her little fishie!! My daughter caught the only fish of the expedition with her cute pink fishing pole when she was just about the same age as Annie, and it is one of my fondest memories. She had been freaking out because of the dragonflies buzzing past us, when she felt a tug on her pole. The dragonflies were suddenly forgotten, and she was transformed to the Fishing Rock Star. LOL.

Brooke - in Oregon

To funny! Kaylie has a Dora fishing pole too, Justin (our son and Kaylie's daddy) LOVES to fish so I knew Kaylie would be fishing at an early age.

We suddenly have 2 deer on our property, while they are beautiful I am not a fan of adding deer to the varmits who eat my garden! Justin was saying they would make nice jerky (which Kaylie LOVES) next thing ya know, when her daddy asked her what we were going to do about those deer, she said 'eat them up' cracked me up! Oddly enough they have not been back. lol (and no they have not been made into jerky) :)


CRACK ME UP! congrats to annie on her first fishy! those dora poles are magic (maybe josh downs needs one). :)

Louise Murr

OMG...that is one cute little girl. She just cracks me up. I bet you are laughing all the time at your house. Too cute.


Nancy Wyatt

That is adorable! Great story for her to tell for years to come! Hugs from Conroe, TX! p.s. your pictures never cease to amaze me!


too funny.


So sorry Josh didn't catch a fish, maybe Annie will let him borrow her Dora fishing rod next time.


seriously... you have the most amazing life.
no, for real.

Stacey little brother had a similar experience. He went deer hunting with my dad. Dad successfully shot and killed a deer. When he got out his hunting knife and started to gut the deer, my brother freaked out!! "Don't cut him!!!"

Kids!!! Too funny!


Josh must be a proud papa knowing Annie got the fish and at least they didn't leave empty handed right?


this story and your story telling made my day...


That's hilarious. And for some reason in that photo Annie totally looks like Mini-Karen. (And your husband is a total hunk.)


congrats annie!!! you seriously have the best photos!


She is just too adorable!


Awe, that is the cutest thing!!!! What Annie said, I mean. Not the fish or Josh Downs!
I can't wait to see pics of your new old house!

Kim P

Good job, Annie! (aw, she doesn't say Yannie anymore?) Love your picture and your story!


Hey there, I'm a lurker, love your posts and photos. This one especially makes me giggle and reminds me of an article I saw in a magazine the other day... this little girl had caught this 22lb large mouth bass with her barbie fishing pole...

if only we were all so lucky! Have a happy Friday!

Terri Guerrieri

I love your stories! I guess next time you should use a spatula.


nice fish annie!
i love rainbow trout...and diamond lake (my grandparents got engaged there in 1947)!


I seriously LOVE your lil girl, just LOVE her!!

Sue E

Oh my gosh that Annie is a hoot! Love your stories Karen - keep em coming!


Lol! XD Kids are so funny!


Oh that's hilarious because my 3 year old daughter just caught her first fish on a dora the exlplorer fishing pole. My husband actually got it on video and we want to send it to America's Funniest Videos because of her reaction. She was perched on the bench on the side of the boat and she was used to just seeing the little plastic worm come up when she reeled in. Well, when she actually caught the fish and reeled it in, she screamed and fell over backward in the boat. Thankfully, my husband's friend caught the pole and fish before they went in the water. It was priceless. :)


Way to go Annie! That is the cutest story I have ever heard. Definitely one for the scrapbooks. BTW, do you still scrapbook much? I miss seeing your pages. :(

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