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I'm so hopeful that one day, I'll take your class! In the meantime, I'm coming out of semi-lurkdom (I HAVE commented before) to say that the moose fabric is perfect. Did you ever see the Princess Diaries movies? There's a scene that my kids and I quote all the time ... Anne Hathaway's character is saying something about looking like a moose and the response is, "But a very, very cute moose! Make all the boy moose go (insert some weird moose noise)!"

Mary Ann

I too hope to get in your class one day!!!
The cake looks devine, I'm sure the family enjoyed it :)

Erin Drennon

I love to look at your photos. You have such a gifted talent.

Amy Batte

So glad you loved your cake, it looks awesome! And that moose fabric is too funny, hope Mark likes it!

I know I was just tickled when my binder arrived, it is so pretty!


Hi Karen,
I love your old, new house! Look at those floors! I love the "home" on the window of that door too...Oh what fun moving can be. I love change, as long as someone else carries the boxes!
I see where you got your GREAT smile from, look at your Mom, happy as a lark to be helping out!
Moose fabric is perfect for your guy(s)!
I am so excited, beside myself, silly like a school girl...oh wait I will be a school girl!!
Thank YOU!!!
I will someday fly to you, just to hug ya!


PS can I bring Jen? :-)

tara pollard pakosta

too funny about the moose fabric!

april foster the sarcastic moose fabric!


That cake looks absolutely delicious!

And I'm loving the moose fabric :D



What a fun cake..and so glad you enjoyed it. Seeing the binder makes me a little jealous of the new students. I remember how VERY excited I was when my binder arrived.
Have a great week, and don't work too hard at the old new house!


I can't believe the class is almost here. I can't wait to get my binder! Goodluck with the move to the new old house!


I'm in your next class! I cannot wait to see that Binder on my door step :-)

Also, can't wait for June 22 to start learning from one of the best!!!


Doing the "Happy I'm In The Next Class And My Binder Is Coming Soon" Dance. Yay, yay, yay!

ashley bugg

nothing says man like moose fabric! I love it!

have a great move!!!! :)




I covet thy filled binder! I had to put my lessons in plastic page protectors because they were falling out from paging through them so much.
I find myself reviewing lessons on a regular basis (like the shutter speed lesson). I should have read it 5 times instead of once before going to my nephews graduation the other night. My photos of the ceremony had camera shake, etc. Such a bummer.
But practice, practice, practice is the key and conveniently, I've got another nephews graduation tonight!
Hopefully, I'll have it down before my own kids have a graduation . . .


Love the moose fabric -- I can't wait to get my (girly) binder and get started! When I registered I was at work and all alone in my classroom (I'm a teacher) and when I got the confirmation I raised my arms and was about to cheer before I realised that I was all alone and a scream coming from an empty room likely would not attract the kind of attention I would want...


Your blog always leaves me with a smile on my face! Enjoy your cake and good luck with the move!


Oh, man, the presure is on the next class to get you something from the bakery too!
I keep telling everyone that I'm starting the class in a few weeks. I can't wait for my binder.


All of you in the next class-get ready for a great ride! Glad you enjoyed the cake is only a small treat compared to what a treat it has been to be in your class. You're the best!

Becky Coburn


I find it fastcinating that while you had bad weather, we here in NW WA state, have warm sunny weather!!!! And usually it's the other way around and I'm jealous of your warm sunny weather. I just had to mention that........ My husband, son and I just got back home from spending 10 days on the Hawaii Island.
So it's great coming home to warm suny weather. The cake looks delicious!!!!


Question: So, what's the big deal about photos of a cake, a lady carrying a box and a folder?
Answer: Karen Russell took the photos.

I love reading your blog, I love the emotions and stories that your photos convey. I love the time & detail that you are obviously putting into your photography classes. I love that I've set the goal to one day be a student in one of your photography classes.

Good luck with your move.

Melanie C.

I'm glad you enjoyed the cake! It turned out really pretty. I remember when I got my binder and couldn't believe how big it's completely filled and that's without the Message Board posts that I'm planning on printing out after the class is over!

Yvonne Michelle

OMG! I can't wait to get my binder! Something fabulous to look forward to! Yay!


WOW...the cake turned out perfectly!! And I just drooled on myself and gained 5 lbs! Thanks a lot!
And thanks for the awesome clas, too!


You're a riot! And you're always take that extra step to personalize your packages. I bet Mark just loves it!

Samantha Hunt

I'm not gonna lie... I am wrought with binder envy!! LOL!

Mark E.

Yowzers...!!,, I feel Special with my Moose Binder.. Thanks Karen!! Looking forward to your class in a few weeks.


Nice cake! I cannot wait until I can do one of your classes. Of course I am hoping to get in for next summer as photos around Minnesota from November to March are boring and all snow.

maridette cachola

OOOH! so excited! Can we have a shot of the binder with the girly trims too? Can't wait for my binder.

Kim P

Was it waaaay back in March when I registered? It seemed like FOREVER before my class started and here it is, time for my binder to arrive. Wooo hooo! So excited!

Terri Guerrieri

Love the moose fabric! I'm signed up for the next class and am SO EXCITED!!!


Whoo-hoo! I'm so super duper excited that my binder is on its way! I took your one day photography class at the Junkie in Houston and have been a devout Karen follower ever since!


All looks fantastic, (as always), love the moose ribbon. Starting the class in June and can't wait!!!

Speaking from the UK, will your non US students get the folder as well??

Christie McCarley

I got my binder over the weekend and screamed!! I can't wait to get started!!! Now if I could just find the lens!! Everyone is sold out!!! :(

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