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DEEP BREATH! Did ya do it? You are one busy woman but so fun to follow...inspiration!
We all adore you! Thank you for sharing.


Love the pix of the kids goofing off at the front porch! Now the fun part is unpacking!


Happy for you guys!!!!!

Have fun!


I figured you wouldn't wait to move, it is always so much fun to do things like that spur of the moment, the energy that children bring just adds fuel to the fire!! What, put the camera down? I don't have many pictures of us moving either, same reason. Congrats!


i just love you! don't get weirded out! its true! you make me smile :) <- that is me smiling.


It cracks me up that I am so excited for you. Love wild hairs:-)


How exciting! Great pictures!


My boys' feet look like that from April until October, courtesy of the flip flops they live in...

Nancy Wyatt

What great photos! I need a vacation and so maybe I should come visit you guys! heheh You guys are a hoot! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Jennifer M.

Oh...I love the last shot. Awesome lens flare on the left (see...I did learn something from the class!).

Jen Davis

Yay! Totally made me smile!


Happy happy day. You have been waiting for such a long time to get settled there. Keep shooting,the stuff will all get moved! :)

Carolyn Hall

Congratulations and best of luck in your new, old house!!!


I have 5 beautiful grand girlies so I know what I'm talking about- That little one of yours is such a character! All your children are beautiful but sometimes one will have something that translates their character in photos. She has it. I crack up every time I see a new photo. Keep them coming. God Bless, Nanajanet


I'm so excited for you! I hope the move goes well and you live all the happiest days of your lives in that new, old house!


Congrats on the move! Now that our class is over I'll be checking your blog daily. Can't wait to see more pics of the new, old house!


Let me just say that you and your photos ALWAYS bring me such JOY!!! I ALWAYS laugh out loud and it makes my day! And I usually always cry....Extreme homemakeover is the only other thing that does that to me!!! :)
LOVE LOVE the toe puppets (and the dirty feet) Thanks for brightening my days!!!


Josh said it just like a man! ha. Love the wild hair idea!!! Hope it's gone smoothly!!!


So happy to hear you jumped in and moved!


Congrats on the move! Sometimes the best things happen spur of the moment and aren't planned! :)

The first pic makes me smile! You will need to take a picture of her like that when she's a teenager too!

Some of my best memories were of riding in the back of my dad's Ford on hot summer nights to go get ice cream. :) I'm sure that your kids will treasure the memories of a fun night of moving and hiding in the back of the truck :)


Yep many days we spent ridding around in the pack of pickup trucks and on the hood as well. Talk about probably not so sae. Thankfully we live in the country so we still let the kids every once in a while ride around in the back of the truck.

nancy in ks

That is NOT a question to ask Karen Russell.

Ann Grounds

Way TOO MUCH FUN!! You know, I rode in the back of a pickup truck, rode a bike without a helmet, hung upside down on monkey bars that only had dirt under them, and actually turned out okay! Reading your post and seeing your pics just brightens my day! You LOVE LIFE to it's fullest!


Congratulations! Very cool spur of the moment idea! And I totally loved riding in the back of the pickup as a kid too. :)


You are hilarious!!! I'm dying for pics of the new, old house!!!


Congratulations! I'm happy for all of you. Have fun unpacking. I love your blog and check it out several times a day (in case there's anything new). Keep it up!


Hilarious, awesome, and silly. Josh's comments sound totally like something my hubby would say. And you doing stuff I would do. It was a family event---very cool. Looking forward to all the new, old pictures! ;-)

Mindy M.

Josh Downs sounds a bit like my husband with that comment :)
And, the thumb war puppets on the their feet cracked me up. I think my husband & I had more fun with the one our son got the other day than he did.


Congrats on the move!! Welcome home my friend!!


What fun!! Love the dirty feet.

Elias Madden

Your kids look so excited here in the photos. They, indeed, enjoyed the move. We just moved in as well. A lot of friends and family members came to help us. I’m sure the same thing happened to you. How was your new home? I hope everyone is still having a great time.

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