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Love the photos of the girls. They are just so cute! I just really love how you capture their personalities! I really can't wait to take your class which starts in less than 2 weeks! Goodluck with the unpacking and hope you get some grocery shopping done. And I really think Coley wouldn't mind sharing his scooter and bunk bed. ;)


I sure hope Cole doesn't read your blog! You have such photogenic kids!

Julie Pilch

Cutest pictures!


why is it that kids never seem to mind having their shoes on the wrong feet?
and everyone needs a day here and there of zero productivity . . . I'm at work reading your blog (smile).


Better not let Cole know about this blog posting! The girls pics are so cute!


We have the same kids. Dress up box under the bunkbed (same plastic too, I swear) and an 8 year old who dresses up the 4 year old. No Karaoke machine though. Thank goodness!

Michelle Bertuzzi

They are soooo adorable!
Makes me want to have girls. ;P


We have those bunkbeds (Coley's)! Got them for a decent price at Fred Meyer a few years ago, don't tell him that it's our girls' bunkbeds. Zero productivity, you spent the weekend moving, sometimes it's nice to take a "brain break" after a big weekend, and you did need to make up some lost photo time, since Josh Downs made you stop taking pictures!

Jennifer M.

What a great day. So cool that you got photos of all of it.


seriously, you have the most colorful life.
i love it!


Annie is going to hate you one day for those pictures.LOL You know somewhere I saw a picture of you as a child and Annie has to be your minnie me.

Patty Hetrick

They are just the cutest and I love how much character you can see in the photos!!!

Mary Ann

That Josh Downs, doesn't he know you need to take pictures of moving everything into the new, old house for all of us to get a bird's eye view.
So happy for all of you!!


You were productive--you took pictures! The girls are so cute playing dress up!!! And Coley would probably have a FIT if he saw your blog today!!! It's all so funny!!! ha.


I just had to pop in to tell you how much I enjoy visiting your blog and perusing your photos. You a genius behind the camera and your children are the absolute best photo subjects. They are all simply adorable and I truly love how you can make each and every shot look utterly amazing.

Heather Dietz

Amazing photos! I love the way you capture the kids' personalities! I love the colors in the girls' outfits!!! Thanks for sharing your productivity with us!! :-)


dressing up my siblings was my favorite pass time too. it was a budding photog thing, i guess. :)


Ummmm.... I thought you had 4 kids :) They are adorable!! I am super excited for you guys to be finally moving it!!! YEAH!


Annie and those glasses crack me up every time! I just love the first shot of Courtney...such a beautiful girl.


Congrats on getting into the new, old house! And, even though your day might not have been that productive, you, at least, got some great shots of the girls!! BUT, it really sounds like you need to get to the grocery store!! LOL!


Miss you already!!! (old neighbor)
Annie looks like a little "babushka" in the one photo!! Love it.

Lisa N

Your kids are so cute, if they were mine I would never be able to get anything done because I'd always be taking pictures too. You have such a beautiful family :)

Nancy Wyatt

Simply Adorable! hugs from Conroe, TX!


Oh my word, I just LOVE Annie in those glasses. Every pic of her in those makes me giggle.What a fun big sister Courtney is!!! I used to dress up my brother like that. Poor kid!! The pictures you get at the picnic table are always incredible and adorable!!!

nancy in ks

You made me think of a time I moved, about a hundred years ago, when I had the moving-stress-syndrome too. The only thing I remember about that day is how much fun we had dressing our girls in my nightgowns because everything else was packed, and the only thing we could find for breakfast was a few cheerios and lots of ice cream left in the freezer. Best breakfast they ever had. Stress level went way down and smiles went way up.

nancy in ks

oh dear, I am getting old. The above comment was supposed to go in the post above this post.


Oh my....these pictures just make me laugh out loud and want to come play with those girls! Too, too cute.

And eventually you will get settled and have food in the new, old just takes time to get it all done and we all know there isn't enough of that for anyone. :)


When you show pics of Annie with those just cracks me up. I laugh out loud and then people here in the office look at me! haha... I wanted to ask just one picture question......the first pic, how do you get the background so light. I can't seem to lighten up my pic enough in photoshop without messing up the person in the pic. What camera setting do you use for a pic like that?
thanks Karen!


Your photos are so cute! I love the one with Annie picking plums with her shoes on the wrong feet and the way Courtney Lee is looking up at her!


You do a SUPERB job dressing your daughters, especially Annie. I just so heart her personality. It's simply ornery, yet precious, and SO ME.


omg, I just LOVE your lil annie, seriously, she is SO cute!!!

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