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Mary Ann

Wow, I can't believe how long Annie's hair is getting.
She really is looking so grown up these past few months :)
Love all the pics, as usual!


Great pictures Karen! I was smiling the whole time while looking at them!


I realise I'm beginning to sound like a broken record in regards to my comments on your blog but truly- thank you. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent, your ability to capture an everyday moment that shows such emotion. These photos are gorgeous.


You have a beautiful life!


What beautiful photos!! :) I just adore how you can capture real-life and feel the emotions. You are the BEST! I adore all your kids, but that Annie is just too much sometimes!!!

JEaunes Viljoen

What stunning photos!!!!!!!!!!!! THey are beautiful. And those kids of yours are beautiful!

Erica Hettwer

Wow! Courtney Lee looks a lot like her Grandma Jo! Great shots! :D

Oh, and tell Cole, "Nice shirt! Go Beavs!". ;)

Jennifer M.

Beautiful photos. Simply beautiful.


Awesome pictures! Thank you!


those photos, once again, are amazing!
they will be treasures for your children one day! i just love the photos of grandpa and grandma!

can i scrapbook your pictures...they are so much more fun than mine!!! ;)

Nicky from Canada

What amazing pictures -


I can't say enough how much I love your pictures!

Kim bolyard

I do not think Annie can take a bad photo...that little girl is so animated and adorable


Absolutely priceless!


So let me get this right...after I take you class, (which I am registered for and anxiously waiting for it to start) I will have gorgeous pictures like you have? I hope so!


you are seriously SUCH a rock star for being able to blog WHILE you are moving.....ROCK.STAR.


these pictures make me feel like i'm there (but not in a weird creepy way - instead like a those pictures are alive kind of way). i would love to know your process on these shots (i'd pay to have you share) - did you use any actions? they are just so FRESH or something. your kids are TOO cute.

Elizabeth Lombardi

PRECIOUS!! I love how you capture the expressions on everyone's face and in their souls! Grandparents are the most amazing people in our lives, and your children will be so grateful that you have captured their relationship with each other. God bless you Karen - thank you (again) for sharing.


Your children are very expressive - and just plain stinkin' cute!

Rachelle Sims-Keranen

Those are absolutely the best photographs~ totally captures grandmas, grandpas, brothers/sisters and sumemrtime at its best : )

Melanie C.

I love these photos Karen. You really captured the relationship the kids have with their grandparents.

Shari Kimmey

I love how you've captured so many expressions and personality in these, Karen. I would love to hear how you are liking your new camera setup, now that you've had some time to play. I see a beautiful 'crispy-ness' to your photos....does that make sense? Also, are you mainly using Lightroom these days? How often are you using actions now? Thanks Karen!! :)


Imagine my surprise and delight this morning! I got my binder for the class!!! It's gorgeous, I don't want to take it out of the box! Thank you!!!


cutest kids.

Tina B.

I just want you to know that I totally love your blog and your pictures are totally gorgeous.


It's just INSANE how gorgeous your kids are.
Courtney Lee is getting SO girl-looking in the face (less child).
That vehicle color MIGHT be Lunar Green, made by Chevrolet. I can't tell the make of the car, but the color is definitely similar at the least.
I've been trying to talk DH into painting his '68 Camaro this color when he's finished it.
I think I'm going to lose to Electric Blue.


One day your kids will treasure the photos of them with their grandparents. I LOVE the ones with Annie in the middle. So cute.

Seeing the picture the other day of Annie with the camera around her neck made me think, have you ever seen or bought a digital camera for kids? My 3 year old is fascinated with cameras and always wants my 5D (NOT!!) I'm looking for one to give him of his own, suggestions?


your kids are so cute they make my heart hurt.


Go, Courtney! I have 4 brothers and the only way I could lose them when I was her age was to start smoochin' on them.


I just love the relationship between the Grandparents and Children. It looks like they have the best run around, jump in the mud kind of a time. That is the true meaning of Grandparents.

Melissa Mann

Just beautiful! You never fail to inspire me with your pictures!


Several things....
1. boy oh boy does josh downs look like his mama.
2. how blessed your children are to have such amazing grandparents. it makes my heart hurt with joy :)
3. what incredible images you capture of your everyday life. it's incredible to see.


Beth D

I just love your photos! and your kiddos are so beautiful...there is love in every one!


Your photos are always stunning...always...but lately the colors are really popping or I am more aware of the spot on focus or something. They are just knocking my socks after another :) Thanks for sharing... And I'm wondering hmmmmm.... do I need to switch to Nikon too ?!??! Or perhaps just upgrade hmmmmm........

laura carter

Not only do you have the cutest kiddos and the most fun places to shoot, you are the best real life photographer EVER!!!!! Your colors, the light, the creamy skin tones....all gorgeous!

Ann Grounds

I probably don't have to tell you this but man! girlie, you captured some great emotional shots that just say LOVE and ADMIRATION all over them! Can you just please loan me a little bit of your talent?!


you get some serous angles . . . do you just jump and land on your belly a lot? I feel like a whale when I do that. ;-)


I agree ROCK STAR!! And i also have to say "SHUT UP" ( You know like Elaine on Seinfield) These pics are awesome!!! I cannot pick a favorite. Are you sure it is not the 22nd today?:) LOL


Your shots just keep getting better everytime you post! How the heck do you get the focus bang on evertime! I keep trying and it just doesn't happen! Gorgeous!

Suezi Gurzi

so many different things i can say. precious and priceless are two that come first! beautiful not only the pics but the relationships! you captured it all perfectly!
i want to go and play with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Tom!
Thanks for sharing.

Jamie K

The picture of Annie in front of the car is precious!!!! She is crazy photogenic! Too cute.


You certainly shoot from your heart! Love it Karen

Hena Tayeb

great pictures..

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