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Jennifer M.

A tilt-shift lens? I have no idea what that is but you've piqued my curiosity...

Another stunningly beautiful picture. This is one of those shots that years down the road will choke you up and continue to take your breath away.


Such a great picture, Karen! Just love how you capture everyday life.


what a sweet picture of Annie!

Cindy Welch

Really Really love the photo


Karen, that looks just like my swings, our playset ( im sure thousands have those too but anyway). I forsee lots of colorful shots on those for you too!

This one however, so sooo soft and sweet!!!

Thanks for a new cool site to check out!


Well that has to be one of my top 5 favorite pics you have posted of all time! I love it... of course.. does annie take a bad picture? :)


Melissa Mann

Great picture!

Heather Dietz

Beautiful picture!


*sigh* my girlie is all about the tutu right now too...i love it so much...beautiful shot missy :)


Fantastic! And if I didn't consider myself a bit of insider (still a wait-listed insider, but an insider none-the-less), I'd NEVER have known there's a school bus hiding back there. ;-) Beautiful light here.

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