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I think you're already aware of how I feel about you making the switch but I just wanted to say thanks for giving us your reasons. :)


GOOD EXPLANATION! THANK YOU for sharing-your life and camera expertise!!! You are a brave, beautiful woman! Hope Ross did well-I'm sure you will have some humorous stories from this new experience.
Have a great day!

nancy in ks

Do you know how many times I checked your site today waiting for this update? I don't either.

But thanks for sharing all the info. I agree with whomever said last Friday that it doesn't matter which kind of camera that Karen uses: it's the talent behind the camera.

Have a good Nikon week. I'll have a good Canon week.


Thanks Karen. Lots of food for thought. Enjoy your new Nikon!:-)
Hope Ross is a happy teenager today!


I'm with Nancy, it's the talent behind the camera that really matters :)


wow girlie....that is a TON of info (!!!!!) and although you already know is not the camera that makes you amazing....its your talent...and YOU my friend, have a ton of it!!!

Coley's take on things cracked me up!!!

Canon or Nikon you rock it no matter what missy--HANDS DOWN!


I think less people responded when you stated your political affiliation...sheeeeesh!!!

I had a Nikon film camera that took better pics than my digital Rebel (when compared in full auto). I just got tired of taking and picking up rolls of film at the lab!)

I hope you enjoy your new spoil. Your explanation makes all kind of sense. It doesn't matter a hill of beans to me what type of camera you use. I just love your photography!!!


I don't really agree with your focal length reasoning for switching to FF. Since UWA lenses are made for cropped bodies. Equivalent focal lengths from 16mm to 400mm and beyond are available for both formats. I think if you shoot portraits then the resulting DOF from the longer focal lengths you'd use on FF is a bigger selling point.

The D300 and D700 are as close to perfect cameras as one could hope for. If Nikon would add some f/4 zooms and prime upgrades then they'd have my money.


Love your photography ... you are a better judge of what is best for you. Guess we were all just hoping you would side with us {but that's impossible}.

Jo Baer

I am sad because I wish I would have waited to invest in all my new camera equipment until after you figured this out.
I know people don't like change, and that's not your fault. So don't take this as hate mail, I probably relied on your opinion too much, instead of doing the research and finding out for myself.
It's a bummer, but I suppose we'll want to make the change when our talent doesn't keep up with our equipment anymore too!
Still love ya, and will try my best to forgive ya! Lol.


on the 5d MarkII, Under custom Function IV (Dial Direction during TV/AV), you can reverse the dial direction. But I am sure you can do more customization with the Nikon. I have heard the menus are very user friendly.

Are you using the wrong jpeg again? The skin tone in your last photo looks a bit grey - Do you have side by side SOC shots for us with each camera Karen? I would love to compare


we all still love you and i love love LOVE your blog. but't matter. my idol quoted me in her blog. :-) you made my day. always looking forward to your photos.


I guess I can't stay mad at you considering you used my comment in your main blog post.
It doesn't really matter which camera you use, you are a great photographer!


I knew you were going to say it was about focusing - I knew it!!!! See, you did teach me something!!!!!!!!! :) I could tell in the photos you uploaded from Courtney's birthday party. The focus was just clearer - I could see it in most of your shots, especially the ones of Annie running from the porch. AND, I have the 5D - older, cheaper model and I swear, with my 9 and 4 year old, it is one of my only complaints about my Canon - I just can't seem to get focus as spot on as I'd like...... Thank you so much for sharing your research and your thought process. I so appreciate hearing your perspective and seeing your creative genius. No matter what type of camera I'm shooting with (a.) I am successfully preserving some wonderful family memories and (b) I am always learning and adapting and taking better photos thanks to you.



Hope Ross does well on his test! As always, thanks for sharing your opinion. I shoot with Canon DSLR and Nikon point and shoot. Before your switch, I was thinking of getting a full frame camera and read up on the Nikon D700 and the Canon 5D Mark II. In all of the articles I read (dpreview, Ken Rockwell, etc), the Nikon D700 seemed better. So even though I love and own a Canon, I think you made the right decision. I would have done the same.


None of those are in my budget. Unless I decide not to pay the mortgage for a few months. Ah well, something having less is easier. ;) Enjoy your camera!


I am glad that you are now a Nikon girl although I have the D40 and not the mac daddy like you:) I really don't care what camera you love because I just love YOU & your photos. I am excited that you will be talking about lens because that is where I am at. Trying to decide what to buy. I am looking forward to your online class (since I loved your one day class) but I think that I will be waiting a while since I am #400 and something on the list:( Hope Ross did well on his test. Can't wait until your next post. Your favorite stalker:)


I agree with Nancy...your talent is amazing and inspiring. The camera "brand" really doesn't matter. Thank you for all the information though. Something to hang on to as I practice and learn with my Canon, maybe one day I to will switch to Nikon but for now I am thrilled to shot with my new Canon and my 50mm lens. I used it this past week at our schools musical and thank you, thank you for all you taught us in class...I have some awesome pictures...even in low light. YEAH!!

Way to go Karen!
I switched to the D300 last year for the speed of autofocusing and the speed of shooting (6fps) and have been so happy. No more missed kid moments and all the shots are tack sharp. I have the 18-200mm and the 50mm 1.4 and both are stellar. I hope to go full frame or maybe the new D400 when it is shown next week. I have never commented on your blog, but I visit it daily to see you photos which I love. Thank you for all you do, it is very inspirational when I am in a photo rut! I hope to take your class someday.


congratulations, karen! i hope ross made out well today. thanks for posting this info. i have the d700 and love it! i am excited that you have it now too, as i hope to learn more from you. once you have played around with it for a bit, could you consider posting some of your settings to share. i always like to hear other ways of doing things. best of luck!


Thanks, Karen, for this excellent summary. I'm on the low end with a Canon XSi and just love it (for now), but I am keeping my lens investment minimal. Let me just say as a reminder to all (some who have said they are discouraged) is that Canon and Nikon CONTINUALLY leap frog each other in all these categories. In 5 years the scene will change again, it's the way of the business. Just having an SLR to begin with is what I consider a wonderful thing! Just my two cents. Thanks again, Karen, love how this is so simply stated. =)


Looking for an upgrade from our old Canon 10D, my husband and I went to the camera store intending to test out the 50D. However they didn't have it in stock so the sales person let us try the Canon 40D, Nikon D300 and the D700. I came home that night and could not get the D700 out of the my mind. We were in denial and debated against getting it because we both love the colors that Canon cameras produce. However like you, the superior autofocusing system was what hooked us in, the images from the D700 were so sharp and clear and their 3D focus tracking system is a dream! You see with 3 super active little kids and catching them in candid moments is a priority for us. It's been two months now with the D700 and absolutely no regrets!


Hi Karen!
I wanted to just say that I've always enjoyed your pictures; I've also always enjoyed your love of photography and equipment; and your ability to take all of that information and share it in such a way that makes it enjoyable to so many people. Clearly, this hasn't changed as I've just read through all of your wonderfully shared information and enjoyed it still. I wish you all the best with your new equipment - You deserve it! :) And thank you again for sharing your thoughts and research findings. I think you are smart, patient, and kind for doing it all in such a public way. Thank you for sharing so much of your work with me/us.

Casey Moore

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I am contintually inspired by you and your talent. You are too kind to post all of this helpful information! I hope you enjoy your new camera and I look forward to seeing more awesome shots from it! THANK YOU!!

Cindy Welch

Well said


Thanks for such an indepth explanation. I'm still a Canon girl and don't plan to change anytime soon. I've got too much invested in nice Canon glass!
Your photos are amazing and inspirational. Thanks for sharing with us.
I had a Rebel XTi before your class and had outgrown it after your class. I did rent a 50D and while it focused nicely, the digital noise that it had at the higher ISO's made the difference for me. I learned to shoot with no flash (from you) and digital noise is a huge factor for me. I ended up with my 5D (old model) and love it. I'm going to look at it as "what I don't know, won't hurt me!"
My husband would KILL me if I tried Nikon now and then liked it better. Maybe next year . . .

Dawn Regan

Karen, you are simply amazing... that's all I can say! Thank you for everything you share with us, and for taking so much of your precious time to do that. I feel so super lucky to have ever found your blog, and especially to be in your class. THANK YOU!! My head's going to explode, but in this case it's a good thing. :-)


I totally cracked up reading Nancy's, Ann's & Kelli's notes you highlighted. You are SO thoughtful in all that you do to educate us. Thanks so much!


awesome summary thank you so much. while I don't think I will be in the shopping mode for the d700 i am considering the d60 or d90 and this really helped.

Libbi M.

wow! you are to generous. thank you so much for all this information. you should have charged a fee this.

enjoy your new camera and would love for you to scrapbook a page or two every now and then and post to your blog. i know there are a lot of us that would still love to see your beautiful and inspiring work.

ps. tell annie she is getting more beautiful every day. i just loved the shots of her the other day with your new prop toy. it worked out so beautifully. it's got me looking for a lovely vintage suitcase.


thanks karen for this. my wallet and husband don't thank you though! focus is my problem area, along with my tummy and thighs, and Nikon seems like the answer (although i am not sure how a Nikon will help my thighs, but i will tell hubby it will! LOL!!)


Thanks so much for all the camera comparisons! It's nice to see it all written out w/o all the specs - just from one person's point of view. I'm trying to decide between the Canon 50d and the new T1i for my next body (no switching to Nikon for me LOL). Can't wait to read your thoughts on lenses. My dream lens is the 24-70L lens. Yum!!


what type of prime lenses does Nikon offer?

rochelle g

i always knew you would come around to the nikon way of thinking! lol. hope you enjoy playing with your new camera and enjoy the product that comes from it.

beth s.

Sorry I emailed about the lenses, but thanks for posting this information. I tried to look through all of your posts, but it was taking me forever! Value your opinion. Wish I could afford a better camera, but will have to focus on the lenses now.


Thanks for taking the time to explain the differneces!


Reading this post was fascinating. Thanks for writing it all out. I was dying to find out why you switched.
Congratulations to you.
Sounds like you got a great fit for you needs.


Thanks for the review. That really helps. What are cross sensor focus points? (If you don't mind.)Still love your stuff, even though you switched on us;)


Karen, I am still trying to figure out what is better about a full-frame camera. Now that I have both, I have been shooting with each of them at different times and I keep trying to see a difference. Could you address this at some point? Thanks, Terri

Erica L

Ok..i'll be honest.when I started reading the Nikon "Pro" statements I was really saying to myself.."la la I'm not listening" LOL

I enjoyed your explanation of the differences and think your photographs are amazing no matter what the medium..So keep on inspiring me as you do with every post!!


Thanks for a really helpful review. I've been doing my homework and research on what DSLR will be right for me and this post will be a huge help. I have a film Nikon (so old!) and a Canon P&S...I go both ways! LOL! The brand isn't as important to me as what I can do with the camera. Now if I can narrow down the camera and buy it before I get off your class waiting list, life will be great! :)

(Hope Ross passed with flying colors!)


I LOVE my Canon and will probably upgrade to the Canon 50D. I have a bunch of lenses and really don't & can't afford to change all of those. Thanks for the information and your knowledge on both Nikon & Canon and it was a huge help. Have fun with your new Nikon can't wait to see all the fabulous pictures you will be taking and posting.

I still consider you a CANON can be BOTH you know!!! :)

tracy b

I'm just glad that you aren't going to tease me anymore about using a Nikon.:) Your pictures would be beautiful no matter what camera you use!

Lisa Hall

Hello Karen

you did not say anything about the D80?
any reason.
I love mine a big bunch
with the tamron lens the goes to 400 love it
getting the Nikon 50?
well just wanted to know
and stay off the curbs.
good luck
Lisa Hall


Sooooo looking forward to hearing all you have to say on your new adventure with Nikon! I'm a Nikon D300 girl myself !


Great information, so helpful! Thank you. I'm SO excited to buy my first SLR camera in the coming months....and then take your class, of course!

Carrie Hicks

You always thought Canon was better, until you tried a Nikon...then you switched. Do you want to go to a Ducks game with me?


Hope he passed the test!
Thank you so much for your review, I'm sticking for my Nikon d50 for a little longer, just so that I feel that I've used it enough ( a gift from my boyfriend) and then! I will spend lots of money on a new camera, and then I will take your class- if you still teach it! (hope so!)


Karen, you are an amazingly generous person to share all of this information with us and then, in some cases, listen to people who disapprove of your decisions!! I just hope that you enjoy your camera they same as we should all be enjoying ours. You have sparked a love of photography that I didn't realize I possessed until I took your class. My equipment will grow as my love, knowledge, and talent grow. It's great to have a place to come where someone shares their honest opinion without trying to sell me anything!

Oh, the Ross thing....As the mother of three boys who all have their licenses, I wish you...............luck, no.............peace,no...............strength, yes, that's it. The strength not to worry, every time he leaves the house in the car or the truck or whatever he drives, until he gets home or to wherever he's going! My youngest has had his license for about a year now, and I'm just beginning to relax! Hopefully you will be better at it than I was!

Barbara Zea

When you've time....just for curiosity...can you let us know which Nikon lenses you're buying.


Thanks for the info--this was a very interesting post. Love your photos!!

Kyle England

Very nice review.

My wife is a one of your biggest readers and she forwarded me this link to your page as I have been a long time Nikon fan and have recently upgraded from the D300 to the D700 for full frame capability. After shooting Nikon film cameras for years I was never able to fully adjust to the DX chip and crop factor. As you mentioned in your posting a 50mm normal--prime lenses was really 80mm (75mm on a D300). I have been extremely happy with the D700 and have been blown away by the low-light performance at ISO 3200.

I would like to read about your lens choices sometime. I had to sell all of my DX lenses in favor of "older" glass for full frame cameras.

Thank you for a great post!!!!!!

beth feigner

this was a great read. luckily i shoot with the D700:) as they say though, it's not the camera, it's the photographer:) thanks for taking the time to let us in on your thought process...i love reading your perspective:)


I can't wait to hear about your lens recommendations!

Ann Grounds

Karen, I know you are not a "kit" fan, but did you see the Nikon 700 kit at Costco this month for $2899.99.....So if there are people out there reading your blog and want the above mentioned Nikon D700...check out

However, your still great review of the Canon D50 has me even more so convienced that I want to own one BAD!!!! Just trying to justify to my's been tough since he just got me the Canon 78-200 f2.8 lens.


i have the nikom d60 and I am loving it so far... the flash went on it in less than 8 months... a little PO about that... Still need to play with her some more.. thanks for all your advice.. I wish my budget was bigger than my dreams!


I'm glad you found the one to work for you, but there's NO way I could give up the color and lenses that Canon has to offer, no matter the focus system of the Nikon or not. It's really great to now what's important to you though, so I'm glad you are happy with your decision.

Jacque in Texas

Ok, I must comment! You are the most talented photographer I've known! I think you could shoot terrific pictures with any camera! When I heard the news of your switch, I was shocked....but when I finally came and read all about it, I'm intrigued! That is what you always do for me! You challenge my photography mind! That part of my brain gets sparked very little these days....b/w kids and family and housework and on and on and on....I just do what I have been doing and do nothing new and exciting! Thanks for giving me a charge today with this post! Can't wait to hear more from you....and when you switch back! LOL! From a Karen Russell inspired Canon girl! :)


Um... what did you do with your old lenses that you mentioned as your favs? (50mm 1.2 and 24mm 1.4). Shouldn't they be offered to former class participants?!

I bet they are long gone. But just in case....


I loved this post. Thanks for putting this into terms I could understand.

I am waiting for your lens recommendations next!!! :)


WOW! I have never even looked at blogs before...a friend introduced me to blogging...I must say your pictures are AMAZING! I LOVE photography and have been interested in it since high school, but when I had kids my 35mm Minolta with 35-70mm and 100-300mm lens was costing me a fortune to have every photo developed, so it kind of went in to the closet and my cheapy digital Canon took it's place. I have never been happy with the quality. After reading your blog it has inspired me to invest in a dream of mine...can't wait! Now to decide on a camera...

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead

I have been pretty overwhelmed with the process of buying my first SLR, so this was very helpful. I was sent this link by someone else and am VERY grateful for all of your opinions and analysis!!!!


That was amazing analysis. I am new to photography and DSLR's (got mine in January) but I was able to understand all your points and technical speak! Thanks for breaking it all down!

Jodi Lansink

Hey Karen,
I don't see a contact address---so thought I would just leave a comment----I am needing a little help and thought you were the person to ask! I just got my new Canon T1i and shot a bunch of pictures in RAW---but now they WILL NOT upload to my computer? Do you have any idea why that is??? I have a ton of good ones, so I am soooo bummed I can't get them to my computer, I just get a big X on each picture and nothing to upload?! Please let me know if you have any suggestions---I didn't switch over to the RAW+L Quality, and those will upload....but the others were already shot in RAW----any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

Tammy K

THANK YOU....THANK YOU.....THANK YOU....I was recently turned on to your work/site by a friend and have been in the market for a new camera. I'm a Canon girl and have been shooting with a Rebel (SLR) for a few years now. I've been trying out some different cameras and am ready to spend a little more this time b/c I have a 5 year old daughter and "Super Fast" 3 year old son. The camera stores don't always cater to the "mom" looking for a new camera and are not very helpful explaining the difference between cameras in a simpler/less technical manner. Your info about cross sensors and the iso gave me the more of the technical language I needed to explain what I was looking for. I can't wait to try out a few more cameras and make my new purchase:)

Penny Smith

So from what I am reading... anything under the D300, and you would still buy Canon(?) and the ISO on the T1i- OH MY GOLLY!

If you had to decide between the 50d and the T1i, which would you choose? (video option not a factor, just a bonus)

Thanks Karen-I too am in shock BUT I think if I am reading this right, your switching to Nikon cuz you are a expensive camera consumer, and the benefits in comparison of those comeras... can you use ANY of your lens on your Nikon? Is that a REALLY dumb question??

Kia Gregory

Just an FYI, I come to this post at least once a month when people ask me about purchasing a new DSLR. Thanks for posting this. It helps me and a lot of others out A LOT!


Very informative, actually, I really enjoy my reading and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing. I recently upgraded to a Nikon D3 myself. I'm getting serious :-) I bookmarked it and will be back time to time.

Kevyn Hagemann

I've been using my mom's Asahi Pentax Camera for 2 years. I can say that practicing photography skills with a vintage SLR is a good stepping stone before you start using DSLR. Every summer, we spend a vacation in Edmonton, and while my dad drives our Dodge ram 1500, I take pictures of the places we pass by. I'm planning to buy DSLR, but I'm confused which one is better. Thank God I came across your blog. Your recommendation is helpful.

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