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 Bobbi in KY

Have a great time Karen-and take lots of pictures!

Sounds like you have a great husband in Josh Downs!!

Mary Ann

Have the best time ever with Jill (your best friend in the whole-wide world) Can't wait to hear your stories, and see the pictures of your weekend!

michelle evans

holy crap! what SWEET guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i WISH!

Vicki A

Good for you, girl! You go and have fun and relax. I can so relate with you (although I have only one little girl to run after). My husband is a firefighter and during fire season,he can be gone A LOT. It's always hard for our little girl (she's 2 1/2) and she is constantly asking "where's Daddy?" My husband leaves on Sunday for 6 weeks of training; he will come home a couple weekends, but otherwise it will be a long stretch. But in two weeks, I am going on a scrapbook retreat weekend and my mom is watching my daughter; so that will be my break from the stress. :)

fran heupel

Have a wonderful time with Jill! Just have fun, shop and relax.
Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.


I love Newport! Your girl's weekend sounds like an excellent idea. Have fun!

You probably already know this but at the Yaquina Head Lighthouse there is a set of stairs leading down to the rocky beach. If the tide is out you can see starfish and all kinds of cool stuff. Usually the designated tide pool area is a dud. Walking up the hill that’s in the same area as the lighthouse is also fun and it has a good view if you want to see far far out. All of this of course is depending on if it's foggy or not.


enjoy the break!

Tanya Webster

how super sweet....and you guys both totally deserve it....i am headed to montana soon for the same.exact.thing. great minds think alike hmmm?? i hope you guys have an AMAZING time!! Tell Jill hello! :)

Heather Prins

I have a hubby just like yours, we are very lucky, aren't we?! Have a great weekend break!


Oh, enjoy!!!!!!!!!! And take lots of yummy pictures so you can show us, okay?! Travel safely!


There is NOTHING like girlfriend time.... fortunatly for me my boss is also my best girlfriend and we are leaving Monday for 3 weeks to Australia/ New Zealand.. She is teaching painting classes but we get some free time to play also.... Can't wait... Have a great time at the coast and take lots of pictures... I hope I can read your blog while I am gone as I am totally addicted... LOL


Have a great weekend with Jill! Sometime you just need a weekend with your best gal pal!


Good for you! But take pictures and bring back for us so we can be jealous. :-)

Stephanie Ainsburg

sounds like heaven.


Have a fabulous time! Eat drink and be happy enjoy the quiet. Hugs Grace


Your hubby sounds like a sweet, caring guy!
Enjoy your weekend away. It sounds lovely!

Jamie S.

Have a great weekend! Enjoy your time!


I totally get it!! I need time away too, from the latter, someone always needing something from me! I went to dinner with some girlfriends last night and it was so delightful to eat a whole meal that was HOT without having to get up and get something for the kids. How do they always know right after you sat down? My hubby is fabulous and home a ton more than your Josh Downs but girls/mamas still need that down time away from it all! Enjoy yourself and rejuvenate!!


Have a great girls' weekend!!!!

Paola Norman

What a great guy. Enjoy your well earned weekend with Jill.

Teresa B

How exciting!! Comin' to Cali!! Have a great time and enjoy the weather!! You missed the heatwave.. it's going to cool off for you gals just in time!!

Laura Plunk

Sounds like just what the doctor ordered... Think I could use that too, oh yeah I do have that coming up weekend after this is our " Scrapbook Girls Retreat" you know you are invited to that too....

Have a great time
Laura P
Southern OR

Val in Ohio

Good for you! It's always good to take some time off....and we know you don't need permission, it just takes a lot of preparation and coordination with everyones' schedules to make it happen.

Enjoy yourself!

Susan L (lily40au)

Everybody needs some time to themselves ... so just enjoy and have a wonderful time.



Y'all have fun doing whatever YOU want to do!!!

Nobody "PAWING" at you!



It's great that you can your girlfriend Jill can take the weekend off. Enjoy it and don't log on to the computer. While you don't need permission from your hubbies, it's wonderful to know that they're aware of your moods and needs.


have tons of fun with your best friend in-the-whole-wide-world!


I love Newport. I visited my best friend in Eugene (I am in WI) and she took me there to see the walruses and seals. The light house were wonderful...what a view.


Have a blast out at the coast! If you haven't been there before, check out Cafe Stephanie's down in Nye Beach (BEST sandwiches!!) and Local Ocean Seafood down on the bayfront, down towards the end of the pier. Oh, and there's a new Irish Pub down in Nye Beach, Nana's place....the best chicken pot pie I've ever had! ;)

Olivia Fulmer

Have a great time! Oh, how I can relate to the need to be away from it all, to have time to recuperate and refocus. I bought a book today: The Love Dare. While my "boys" (husband and younger son) are away in Florida for a marching band competition, I will read and refocus myself--at home.


Hey its all about Enjoying the moments! So ENJOY ;) have a great weekend!


Have the best time! You deserve some ME time! Can't wait to hear all about it Monday!


AW!!! What a sweet guy Josh Downs is!!111 Have an awesome time!!! I know the feeling of needing to just get away!!


My husband and I are prior military and spent a great deal of time apart, especially in the first 8 years of our marriage. The hardest separations were the ones that occurred every few weeks over an extended period of time when one or the other of us was on sea duty and doing work-ups with the ship (In two weeks out for two or three weeks for months at a time)that would be followed by a 6-10 month separation. It is incredibly difficult and frustrating, more so than most understand. It really tests a person's emotions and patience all of which seem to hit from out of nowhere, usually making you feel that you are either being crabby all the time or are completely losing your mind. It's hard not to blame the other person even if you know that the only reason you're pissed is because you want them to be there...NOW! My only advice, hang in there and don't be too hard on yourself. I hope you have a great time at the beach and come back nice and refreshed! (((Hugs)))


Have a great time!

Hi there girl Just wanted to say how I love the way you think. Your pic of punkin patch were just wonderful and loved Annies outfit. You probably don't remember me but have taken many of your classes at Scrapbook Connection.
I have been dropping hints like crazy to hubby for a new camera for Christmas {Since you made fun of mine at your photography class} Is the Cannon Rebel a good starter one? Let me know if you read this. Many thanks to you for the smiles you bring to my face. Kathy Carson


Lucky girl! I can't wait til my baby is old enough that I can go away for a while without the kids (sounds horrible, right?) But we mom's NEED breaks. Especially when there are tending to four precious gems. Have a great time!!


Hi Karen :)
Married life is evidently working for you both and its so nice to see it through your blog! You are both awesome people, with awesome blessing thats for sure!!
Enjoy your time away with your friend, as I say to my teenage situation lasts forever, enjoy the positive of now for now....then move on!


have a wonderful weekend!!!!


can i come???


Have a great time with Jill and be careful dancing on the tables ;o) We all need some of that away time.


AMEN SISTER! I am having a weekend without the husband as well, and I sooooo need it. He doesn't quite understand why I need it, which is unfortunate, but I am really looking forward to the "recharge".


I sure wish I had a girlfriend to do that with! You are one special lady!

Colleen Barron

Enjoy yourself and have a safe trip. We all need some time for ourselves to just get rejuvenated if nothing else. It helps to make us better moms and wifes.


You and your best friend are very lucky to have great husbands and each other (and of course they are lucky to have you two also) so you go and have the best time ever and your adoring fans will be sending you happy vibes and waiting to hear all about your girls only trip.


Have a WONDERFUL time! You deserve it. Little trips can be so energizing!


Go and have a great time!!!

Sandy Horton

Will you be teaching the 6x12 transparent album at the Scrapbook Junkie? She hasn't announced what the 2nd class will be. Please, please. If not, let me know so I can order it. Thanks


I feel your pain. My DH is working out of town and I have a 3 yr. old who is trying to get himself hurt! Drives me nuts!
Have a wonderful and most deserved weekend you lucky woman you.

I also received your stamps and I have to say they were the highlight of my week! (small life right now I know!)
They are just as amazing in person as they looked on the web! They are beautiful!

Rebecca Vavic

Yah for you gal friends :)

Jennifer Wilson

Hey, that's a great mug...I think I have one just like it!! Tell Josh we are proud that HE is a Scrapbook Clubhouse Diva also!! Miss you!!



Oh my goodness.
He is so adorable.


I love this picture.
It reminds me of all the wonderful times that you were at the Scrapbook Clubhouse in Connecticut.

I loved every time you were there.

When are you coming back??????????

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