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LOL about the fruit bar! Emma still thinks that she is eating ice cream when I give her go-gurt frozen! Sneaky moms!
2 hours till registration and I am still undecided on taking this class, the greatest thing would be to hear what you have to say about my photos. oh the pressure! hope everything goes great for you today!


Good luck with registration! I hope they fill up and there is enough demand in 2009 so that I can take it! Either that or they don't fill up and I can register when I have the funds. LOL


I got in to the July class. woohoo~ now i am totally excited. and that seemed to go pretty smoothly, i hope things are smooth on your end! congratulations!


I'm in... YEAH!!!! I wanted the June 2nd class so bad!!!! Thank you...


AHH! I'm in for June! SO SO excited :)

Andrea Devisser

I'm in! At least I think I am... I got a confirmation! I'm SO excited. :)

Sara Mangan

I'm in!!! I'm so excited. My hands were shaking so bad during registration that I could hardly type.
Hope the process goes well for everyone else, including you Karen.
Sara M

Carolyn Hall

Congratulations!! How does it feel to reach star status? It felt like I was trying to get tickets to a concert. Class one already sold out!! You go girl!!!
I got in for round 2!!! Can't wait!


Just wanted to let you know how excited I am for this class...I'm waiting until September (which is really hard for me to do), but I'm due with my very first baby in July and was smart enough not to take on a photography class early on! ;) Thanks so much for doing these online classes. I can't wait!


Glad to hear I'm not the only one who felt like I was trying to get tickets to a show! I signed up for round 2 because I will be on vacation for two weeks of round 1. I am very excited!


SO exciting!!! Everything went great with registration, I'm in the September class, and CAN'T WAIT!!!
Cute picture of Annie! Looks like she enjoyed her "ice cream"!


WOW, I got into a class! I'm so excited and can't wait to learn. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Hope you have a stellar day!!


So excited, I got in for June!!! I have a quick question though. You recommended that we use our names as our username for registration which I did, but when I tried to log back into the class my name doesn't fit into the username log-in box. What can I do about this?

Ashely Schultz

I got into the second class and I'm so excited! Thanks Karen!


I got waitlisted for the first class and tried to log back in to change to a later class but can't. I've emailed you though so hopefully I'll still get in.

Barbara Zea

Posting here in case you are getting tons of e-mails. I think I got in the June class, but if I'm waitlisted...please move me to another sessions. Thanks!!


I got in for June, my hands were shaking too. Wow it looked like it was sold out within 5 minutes! This is my Mother's Day present, I can't wait for class to start! I just Love the icecream/fruit bar picture. Hopefully I'll be able to shoot something like that soon!


I'm so excited! June won't come soon enough. My hands are still shaking! LOL

Cara Lieggi

YEAH!! I am so excited about this!! I got into the second class! I cannot wait for it to start!!! Thanks for doing this. Registration was super easy! Come on JULY!!!!! Congrats on this success! Have a great day!


I registered at exactly 9:01am but it looks like I got waitlisted for the first class also. I too have emailed you though so hopefully I'll still get in as well.


I've been trying to get into the site for about 15mins. The site is either down or the classes are full. I'll keep trying


I keep seeing the page that promises the site will be coming soon. I'll try againg in a while and cross my fingers that I get in.


I'm in!! I am so excited and look forward to the July class.
have a super day...great photo of Annie!


I don't know if I'm in or not! All seemed to be going well and I thought I was in (it didn't show that the first class was filled). Then I got three e-mails, one saying that my registration had been received, the next one which was a Sales Receipt showing that I had been charged $250 for the class and then the third one saying I am on the waiting list. I would rather just sign up for another class than be on the waiting list. Now the second one is also full and I'm afraid to sign up for the third one in case I am already signed up for the first one. Sent an e-mail to you, Karen, but haven't heard back yet. I actually got on before 9:00 and got into the registration area. Was surprised to find out that it opened early, but it still looked like there was space in the first class. I'm afraid now I won't get into any of them if I wait to find out if I'm actually in the first class or not. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Sarah T

OMG I'm in!!!! I think I'm going to take off work the rest of the day and go home and celebrate!

Mary E

Hi Karen,
I signed up for the first class at 9am and flew through the registration, got a confirmation and order number on the last page to print out, but haven't received any confirmation emails. Is this a problem? Thanks for your help, can't wait for the class!


Karen, I can't believe I'm finally taking one of your classes. When you were in the UK recently I just couldn't get to where you were teaching so I really am soooo excited , thank you.

Mary E

Ignore the above comment. I got the emails with my receipt and confirmation. :)


Karen, I can't believe I'm finally taking one of your classes. When you were in the UK recently I just couldn't get to where you were teaching. I really am soooo excited , thank you.


Karen, I'm really excited for this :)
I was one of the lucky ones that made it into the first class!
I'm looking forward to it :)

Sarah T

Are we able to enter the forum if we are signed up? Or is that part just for when the classes start?

Have a snappin day:)


The website is really beautiful!


yes.. I got in too..... didnt get in fast enough to make the June class..but will be there in July...........was in and processed by 5.03 !! aarghh... Can we have a waiting room please Karen for those of us who have to twiddle our thumbs for the next two months......?????


Karen...hope your butterlies have subsided a little! I was able to get in the first class (YEA!) and everything went very smoothly on my end. The site looks great and I can't wait to get started!


Well, AOL didn't like the site. I keep getting the promises for the site too. After an hour of that finally decided to try to access it by Internet Exsplore which worked. Now, I'm on a waiting list. Waiting seems to be in my life right now! sigh

danni perez

best of luck girlie!
now i am going to see if there is still room left in any of the classes.


Hi, I'm so glad registration went easily for others, but so disappointed it didn't for me. I was the secure server as soon as it came available at 9am, but for some reason couldn't ever get through. I kept getting the "server not available" msg. Weird.


kept refreshing until the site went live and typed all my info quickly and signed up! Can't wait until the 2nd class in July!

Susan G

I'm with the OMGosh crowd and I believe I'm in the July class. Like all the rest of the folks posting I'm really excited about the class. Your site worked pretty well for a first time operation. I had to change payment type to Paypal because I kept getting a weird error message but that worked ok and I received both a paypal receipt and a confirmation from your site. Thanks so much for doing all the work on this. BTW, I'm wondering if we can "borrow" Annie as a model...and Courtney, Coley.....well, I had to ask.

Carrie Hicks

LOL...I am so relieved...I was not the only one w/ shaking hands. I got into the June class!!!!!! Thanks Karen, except for my heart rate, it all ran smooth.

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