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Annie just makes me smile =)


glad you made it home safe and that shirt is adorable. annie, too. :)


Yay! Karen's back, and Annie too! LOVE the shirt... so stinkin' cute! Glad you both made it back soundly.

Shannon Dean

Thanks for a great class at PE this weekend!!


Stinkin Cute that girl of yours is!!!


*giggle* Cutest shirt ever!

Nancy L in Vancouver, Canada

Karen, both classes were wonderful. I am sure grateful you made it across the border and I hope you had an easier time crossing back home. I am glad you made it safely home, given the weather. I look forward to future classes with you.


Adorable picture!!


Cute shirt! Man she is the spitting image of you!

tara pollard pakosta

cute shirt!
she's a DOLLFACE!
can't wait to hear more!
i LOVe your blog and missed
your posts/photos!

Teresa B

Wow.. what a ray of sunshine!! she's such a cutie!! and that shirt.. too cute..


That "fridge stuff" that you referred to is definitely one of my weaknesses. My fridge tends to get cluttered up too frequently.

Mindy M.

You are such an enabler...I'm fifteen weeks pregnant (hoping it's a girl, but don't know yet) and bought that t-shirt off Old Navy yesterday after seeing it on your blog. I'm telling my hubby it's your fault I bought more baby girl clothes that we possibly won't need :)

morongo casino

I never seen something like that

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