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Sounds like a good morning! Well, except for the sore butt and Ross' bad haircut... Thanks for more morning smiles :)

Nona D

Ooohhhhhh, big train mocha. YUM! Occasionally when we vacation in Oregon I've had the opportunity to try these. They are excellent! Really gives star$ a run for their money! =)

Tanya Webster

i seriously almost spit water at my computer screen after reading about josh and the bachelor because......karl would never admit that he watches it either but i have to hit pause on the tivo so he does not miss a thing either!!! still rooting for tessa in this house!! :)

ps: LOVE LOVE LOVE Annie's little ponytails!!! :) t


Tell Ross the haircut will grow back. I'm STILL waiting for my bad haircut to grow back...almost 2 months later, lol!

Annie's piggies are the CUTEST.


You go for the mocha girl! You deserve it, I just finished my yougart and kashi and it's not hitting the spot either - the mocha is likely calling my name too. And thanks for your unfiltered review of your life - I love it! Thanks for taking the risk in sharing it with us. I hope the weather down your way is as beautiful as it is in Vancouver!


Josh.....The Bachelor, Oprah, Kids to school and a Mocha....could he be anymore amazing?

Enjoy your day in the closet, can't wait to see what skeletons you are going to bring out (a tad rediculous I know, but I couldn't resist).

Kim Bolyard

That three school thing is a pain...did that for the past two oldest is driving so I am now down to only two...thank goodness.

I have to say this bachelor is driving me crazy!!!



Love the two loves in this picture! :) Glad you're having a better, if sore, day!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Oprah and friends on the radio? I missed it? I love Oprah.

Cute post.


The Bachelor.... reminds me that I missed on my special one on one time with you last weekend at Scrapbook Attack.... Maybe next time, I even fancied my hair up for that special time :) Great classes last weekend!


You're always able to put a smile on my face when I read your blog, thanks so much !

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