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August 7th - that's only four days away! Whohooo!
Yay for Annie!!

Diane McVey

This is just the cutest photo ever! So glad you are getting some sleep now...what a relief! The Crater lake pics are great, I just found your blog and am totally enjoying it!
Thanks for sharing :)


AWESOME!! Can't wait to be able to purchase the new goodies. They ALL ROCK!!!

ps. Your daughter looks so cute sitting up!!


Karen, Annie looks so proud of herself...too cute. I am so anxious to get my hands on your new products :)

Amy Zarrella

SO excited to see you coming to Right at Home in MASS in November. I had just recently asked them about having you come! I am counting the days!
Annie is adorable!


you have no idea how happy it makes me that you will be teaching all over now.....i'm crossing my fingers that some store in TX snatches you up! love that you are balancing you family w/ all the industry stuff...awesome!


WOOHOO!!! I'll be seeing you in Massachusetts this fall! I'm so excited that you're coming to my LSS. Life can be so good some days! :)


Cute cute pic of Annie ... that outfit is adorable and her little chubby legs look almost edible!!


So excited to see you again in October! And Annie just gets cuter every day. What a lovely melding of you and Josh.

Tammy Hicks


Annie looks like such a grown up girl sitting up all by herself now *sighs* They grow up so, so fast tae tons of pictures girl, you know all to well these days will gone before long.

Congrats on starting to teach nationwide again! That rocks! YOu will have a total blast and it will be a good thing for the family...I know you will miss them but everything works out somehow.

Congrats x 2 on the new products for Creative Imaginations, they are gorgeous! And LOVE your stuff for Kah-Mei at Fontwerls, simply incredible!

So glad you are getting your business work done so you can enjoy time with the kids and Josh. Crater Lake looks freakin` awesome! Loved the pics from there :)


judith fender

this is the sweetest photo....
soft warm and sweet....

Christy O'Bryant

I love how Annie's arms are thrown out like "Ta-Da" ! cute pic!


Do we know what the new class kits look like yet? And when and where can we get your journaling notebooks?

Gina Egg

Yay, Annie! She is so precious! Love that dress, too!

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